How to Build an LS79 Engine - A Modern Classic

We take a classic displacement combo and modernize it with LS technology

Patrick Hill Mar 28, 2014 0 Comment(s)
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Cosmetic Upper Lower Gasket Kit 2/41

27. For sealing our engine, we went with Cometic’s upper and lower LS gasket kits, PN PRO1025T and PRO1007B. You need to order both kits, as the lower kit comes with the oil pan, front cover, and rear cover gaskets, along with some other small items necessary.

Costmetic Upper Gasket Kit 3/41

28. Our Cometic upper kit features Cometic’s MLS (Multi Layer Steel) head gaskets. MLS gaskets not only provide superior sealing, heat resistance, and durability, but they can also be reused several times, unlike conventional head gaskets.

Trick Flow Heads Genx 4/41

29. For heads, we went with Trick Flow’s GenX 255 LS3–style head, PN TFS 32610001-c01.

Trick Flow Heads Genx Ported Runners 5/41

30. They feature fully CNC Competition Ported runners with a 12-degree angle on the valves for increased piston-to-valve clearance, redesigned coolant holes on the deck to work with all LS head gaskets, and LS3-style intake ports that will accept LS3 intakes and LSA/LS9 blower assemblies.

Trick Flow Heads Genx Valves 6/41

31. They come equipped with dual valvesprings, steel retainers, and 2.165/1.600 size valves.

Tfs Dual Springs 7/41

32. The TFS dual springs have a maximum lift of .625”, and while they are perfectly capable, with went with a set of dual springs and tool steel retainers from Comp Cams, part no. 26925-16. They have a rate of 400 pounds, maximum lift of .660”, seat load of 141 @ 1.810” and open load of 405 @ 1.150”.

Comp Cams Pushrods 7750 16 8/41

33. For pushrods we went with 7.750 length, heavy wall one-piece pushrods from Comp Cams, part no. 7750-16.

Comp Cams Roller Trunnion 9/41

34. We went with a set of stock LS3 rockers, but ordered one of Comp Cams roller trunnion upgrade kits for them. On the left is the stock trunnion; on the right is the Comp unit. The factory trunnion doesn’t feature a full trunnion, and the needle bearing retention system is weak and known to eject bearings into the oil under heavy use and abuse. The Comp upgraded trunnion uses a fully captured needle bearing assembly, along with a full trunnion shaft that not only reduces friction, but will also take more horsepower and abuse.

Dual Plane Carbureted Intake Manifold Chevrolet 10/41

35. On the dyno, we’re going to test out two different carbureted intake manifolds. This dual-plane unit is from Chevrolet Performance, PN 19244037. It’s a dual-plane design for increased bottom end and midrange torque with injector/nitrous bosses cast into it and a 4150-style carb-mounting flange. It also uses the factory O-ring gaskets and intake bolts.

Mast Motorsports Carbureted Intake Manifold 11/41

36, 37, 38. Our other test intake is this artwork-like piece from Mast Motorsports. It features fully CNC’d ports and runners that are hand blended with long, straight shot runners right to the valves for maximum high-rpm performance.

Mast Motorsports Carbureted Intake Manifold Runners 12/41


Mast Motorsports Carbureted Intake Manifold Ports 13/41


Holley 750 Cfm Ultra Double Pumper Carb 14/41

39. For our carb, we went with the old reliable, Holley's 750 CFM Ultra Double pumper with electric choke. It features billet metering blocks, and built in sight windows for easy float adjustments. or our carb, we went with the old reliable, a Holley 4150 double-pumper 750 cfm.

Ati Damper 15/41

40. And to keep everything balanced while driving out the water pump, we used an ATI damper, PN 917286. And with that, we’re all set and ready to hit the dyno. Stay tuned to a future issue of Super Chevy to see our full story on dyno testing this animal and to see if it lives up to its small-block heritage and LS79 name.

0.030 inches over 6.0L block SUM-150105
Reconditioned 4.8L crank 12140
Trick Flow Heads TFS 32610001-c01
Wiseco Pistons Custom Via Summit
K1 Rods CH6390ALLBLS-ST8-A
Comp Cams custom ground camshaft 54-000-11
Comp rocker arm trunnion upgrade Kit 13702-KIT
Timing Set 3158KT
Factory roller lifters 12499225
GM valley cover 12577927
GM timing cover 12561243
GM rear cover 12639250
GM cam retainer plate 12589016
GM timing chain damper 12588670
GM head locating dowels 12570326
GM lifter guide 12551162
Melling oil pump 10296
ATI balancer 917286
Chevrolet Performance intake 19244037
Mast Motorsports intake 501-001
Mast oil pan 401-111
ARP head studs 234-4317
ARP main studs 234-5608
ARP balancer kit 234-2503
ARP valve cover 400-7530
ARP oil pan 434-6902
ARP timing cover 434-1502
ARP water pump 434-3202
ARP intake valley cover 134-8002
ARP intake manifold 130-2101
ARP thermostat housing 434-7401
ARP coil bolts 134-2301
ARP cam bolts 134-1002
ARP cam bolts 134-1003
ARP header bolts 400-1211
ARP rear cover 134-1504
ARP valve cover 400-7529
Clevite-coated H-Series 0.010-inch main bearings MS2199HK10
Sealed Power Duroshield Competition 0.010-inch rod bearings C8-7100CH10
Cometic upper gasket set PRO1025T
Cometic lower gasket set PRO1007B


Wiseco Performance Products
Mentor, OH 44060
Trick Flow Specialties
Tallmadge, OH 44278
Comp Cams
Memphis, TN 38118
Summit Racing
Akron, OH
Driven Racing Oil
Huntsville, NC
Seffner, FL 33584
Mast Motorsports
Nagodoches, TX 75964
K1 Technologies
Byron Center, MI 49315
Holley Performance Products
Bowling Green, KY 42101
ATI Racing
Baltimore, MD 21207
Chevrolet Performance
MSD Performance
El Paso, TX 79936


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