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Speedway Disc Brake 2/19

8. The Speedway disc brake kit (PN 910-31958, $240) was very complete and included the calipers, pads, brake lines, bearings, seals, brackets, hardware and backing plates. The first parts to go on were the backing plate and caliper bracket. For the 4- and 7-o’clock bolts, we reused the original bolts, but the for the 12-o’clock bolt we used the new thin-head bolt provided by Speedway.

Upper Bolt Locked In 3/19

9. Once the upper bolt was tightened down, we bent over the two tabs that were integrated into the backing plate. These ensure that the upper bolt stays locked in place.

Vented Brake Rotors With Wheel 4/19

10. The 11-inch diameter, vented brake rotors came with the wheel studs already installed. This kit will fit inside of 15-inch and larger wheel.

Install Bearings With 5/19

11. Before sliding the rotor onto the new spindle, we packed the bearings with grease and installed them along with the new seal.

Rotor Slid On Spindle And Locked In 6/19

12. The rotor was then slid onto the spindle and locked in place with a castle nut and cotter pin.

Calipers From 7/19

13. The calipers in the kit are the tried and true 1969-77 GM style binders found on many early muscle cars. Remember, there is a right and left, so make sure you grab the correct one.

Secure Caliper And Attach New Rubber Brake 8/19

14. The rest of the install was as simple as it could be. We secured the caliper using the supplied hardware and attached the new rubber brake line.

Right Side Disc 9/19

15. The right side disc conversion was a mirror image of the left.

Single Reservoir Master 10/19

16. It was now time to address the outdated hydraulic system under the hood. The term, “all of your eggs in one basket” sums up the safety problems with running a single-reservoir master cylinder.

Speedway Power Brakes 11/19

17. For even better braking performance, we decided to move to power brakes. For this Speedway offers a kit (PN 910-31978, $240). The kit included a 1-inch bore Corvette-style master, 9-inch Slimline brake booster, proportioning valve, firewall bracket, pedal rod extension, and clevis.

Brake Fluid Hard 12/19

18. The brake fluid hard lines were the only parts we had to source from our local parts house. We then filled the system with fluid and bled both the front and rear brakes. Total cost, including the new brake lines and suspension parts, was under $840 and after trying out the new brakes it was money well spent.


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