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Adapter 2/22

11. The Doug's headers came with adapter kickdowns in case you want to run the stock Y-pipe with the long-tubes. Obviously we didn't need them.

Hawks Third Gen Gmmg Chambered Exhaust 3/22

12. We were amped when we found out that Hawks Third Gen was now selling the GMMG chambered exhaust system (PN HTCHAMB, $750). Constructed from T-304 stainless steel, these dyno-tested tubes have a bitchin sound that we fell in love with the first time we heard it. The system mounts using the factory hangers on 1998- 02 Camaros and will also fit 1982- 97 models.

Stainless Intermediate 4/22

13. Next, we installed the stainless intermediate pipe that came with the Hawks Third Gen exhaust system. The Doug's Y-pipe was kicked down to mate to the factory Y-pipe, so we did need to do some cutting and welding to mate the I-pipe to the Y-pipe, but it was worth the extra effort.

I Pipe And Chambered Exhaust 5/22

14. Aside from the tips, the Hawks system consisted of just two parts; the I-pipe and the chambered exhaust assembly. With the I-pipe installed, we slid the chambered section in place and popped the pipe over the axle, clamping it to the I-pipe.

Installed Slash Cut Polished Stainless Exhaust 6/22

15. Once the system was in place, we installed the slash-cut polished stainless exhaust tips that came with the Hawks system.

Hawks Chambered Exhaust 7/22

16. As we said, the Hawks chambered exhaust system is designed to fit 1982- 02 F-bodies as long as you use the 1998- 02 hangers.

O2 Extension 8/22

17. The Doug's headers included O2 extension harnesses. These allow the forward O2 sensors to be moved back to the collector on the long-tubes.

Do Not Run O2 9/22

18. With the cats gone, we didn't need to run the rear O2 sensors. This did cause a Check Engine Light to illuminate on the dash, but our plan is to have the ECU wizards at Westech Performance fix it with their laptop.

New System 10/22

19. The new system looked great, we still had decent ground clearance, and the Camaro finally sounds the way it should. We also found that even though it was louder at idle and at full throttle, it was pretty tame on the highway when cruising in Sixth gear with zero drone in the cabin.

Westech 11/22

20. Westech Performance was able to program out the Check Engine Light and optimize the tune for the increased airflow.

Corrected Wheel Power 12/22

21. After a few pulls, we nailed down a best pull of 448 hp and 445 lb-ft of torque. Compared to our previous best pull of 404 horsepower and 413 lb-ft, that's a huge gain and one that was felt across the entire pull.


Westech Performance
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Hawks Third Generation
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The Original Doug's Headers


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