EZ-EFI 388ci Muscle Mouse

F.A.S.T. Learner

Jake Amatisto Feb 13, 2014 0 Comment(s)
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Fast Fuel Pressure 2/22

11. We opted to go with the F.A.S.T. fuel pressure regulator on this build as well, which is setup to keep the high fuel pressure in check throughout the rpm range.

Comp Cams 10w30 Engine 3/22

12. Before firing up the 388ci, Vrbancic poured in six quarts of COMP Cams 10W30 Engine Oil into the motor. The oil, which is designed with muscle car engine specifically in mind, is a synthetic blend. We’ve been using this stuff on all of our performance engines lately and it’s nice to have something with a name you can trust lubricating your engine.

Select Cubic 4/22

13. Tuning using the setup wizard is a breeze; it starts with a simple selection of the cubic inches. The ECU is programmed to know a ballpark of how much fuel is required according to the cubic inches and it fine tunes itself from here.

Desired Idle 5/22

14. One of the other screens asks for a desired idle speed. This simply communicates with the IAC to provide your desired idle.

Input Fuel 6/22

15. The fuel pressure must also be input into the setup wizard.

Fully Open Throttle 7/22

16. In order for the ECU to see wide open throttle, you must open up the throttle body fully to give the TPS a reference.

Setup Wizard During 8/22

17. This screen shows what the setup wizard looks like during warm up. You can see on the bottom portion of the screen the computer will correct the A/F ratio until the bars are happily bouncing in that target zone. The system will continue to warm up and learn, until the progress bar is in the target area.

Live Data Mode Shows Correction 9/22

18. The Live Data mode on the interface shows the correction factor in terms of percentage. In our case it was correcting by -12 percent in order to reach our desired target.

Fine Adjustments In Advanced 10/22

19. For experienced tuners, EZ-EFI does allow for fine adjustments in the advanced menu.

Airaid Race Element 11/22

20. For air filtration, Airaid supplied a Race Element filter that only has the screen and no gauze. This high-flow filter will keep larger debris out of your engine, but will flow a ton compared to a full element piece.

Ecu 12/22

21. While we didn’t get 500 horsepower out of our 388ci, we did get to learn all about how the F.A.S.T. EZ-EFI system works. Once the ECU learned our parameters, the engine generated 474.1 horsepower and 461.2 lb-ft of torque. For the final pull of the day, we tried adding a 1-inch carb spacer and increased the performance to 481.4 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 467.4 lb-ft at 5,000 rpm. Being that this is a self-learning system, it will improve even more each time you drive it. We used it on an engine dyno to view how it functions, but if you’re going to run this system we recommend setting it up in the car so the ECU can see all the factors, especially since engines typically run differently in the car than they do on the dyno. There you have it; a simple bolt-on that brings any street machine to modern day standards. CHP


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