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Check Axle Bearings And Seals Replace If 2/25

11. And this was what we were left with. Like with the front ball joints, this is the time to check the axle bearings and seals and replace them if needed.

Cpp Wheel 3/25

12. The CPP kit came with new, longer wheel studs for the rear axle.

Reinstall Axles Pin And 4/25

13. After pressing in the new studs, we reinstalled the axles and reinserted the pin and bolt. With that done, we started installing the new rear disc brakes by first bolting on the caliper bracket and spacer to the back of the axle flange. Before bolting on the parts, we made sure the surface of the flange was free of stuff like undercoating, welding slag, or anything else that could mess with the alignment of the new caliper bracket. Note that the 4 o'clock bolt wasn't utilized.

Stock Style Plain 5/25

14. Our 1968 rolls in stock form on 15-inch rally wheels. Given this, we went with stock-style plain rotors. For an additional $150, CPP offers the rotors (4) cross-drilled and slotted.

Slide On New Rotor And Lug 6/25

15. We then slid on the new rotor and secured it with a lug nut.

Caliper On And Install 7/25

16. The caliper was slid on and we checked to make sure it was parallel and centered on the new rotor. We also checked to make sure there was enough room for the pad to fit. Everything looked good, so we pulled the caliper and installed the pads.

Gm Housings 8/25

17. Our fitment was fine, but keep in mind that manufacturing variances in the GM housings can cause alignment issues. If this had happed, we could have used a combination of these shims to correct the issue.

Install Brake Lines And Cpp Parking Brake 9/25

18. We then installed the new rubber brake lines and the supplied CPP parking brake cables. The kit also included a new rear housing brake hardline and a set of mounting clamps.

Rear Brakes Converted To 10/25

19. With that done, our rear brakes were now converted from drum to disc.

Replaced Master 11/25

20. We prefer manual brakes for the track, but for a street cruiser, power is the way to go. Here was our starting point on the 1968. Obviously someone had replaced the master cylinder at some point.

Removed Master 12/25

21. After disconnecting the clevis from the brake pedal, we disconnected the lines and removed the master cylinder. The distribution block was left in place.

Power Brake 13/25

22. Like the front brakes, the power brake kit (PN 6769BB4-11) came fully assembled with an 11-inch booster and a proportioning valve set up for four-wheel disc. CPP offers upgrades to a natural or chromed aluminum master as well as different finishes for the booster unit.

Kit Included All Pre Bent 14/25

23. The kit included all of the small, pre-bent lines needed to connect the new parts to the rest of the Camaro's brake system, including a new line that went from the front of the distribution block to the front brakes.

Fitting And Hose Plumb In Brake 15/25

24. The kit also included this fitting and hose to plumb in the brake booster.


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