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Dakota Digital VHX Instruments for Chevelles

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Jake Amatisto Feb 17, 2014
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The stock dash on an early muscle car leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to monitoring your engine's vitals. Fortunately, there are a few different options out there for those that don't want to settle for the factory instrumentation.

We opted to go with Dakota Digital's VHX dash for our LQ9-powered 1966 Chevelle. The VHX dash combines the classic look of needle sweep gauges with the modern look and function of a digital message center that displays an array of readings, from gear selection to the time, and even features a quarter-mile calculator.

For the past couple of decades, Dakota Digital has manufactured high quality instrumentation and specialty electronics for every type of hot rod you can imagine. Located in Souix Falls, Iowa, Dakota Digital is a great choice for your restomod or street machine and their extensive line of electronics cover just about every Chevy you can think of, even trucks.

The VHX system is designed to bolt directly in place of the 1966-67 Chevelle gauge cluster using the stock bezel, but is worlds better than factory. Fully-lit needles and backlit faces and a highly-visible LCD message center screen makes keeping an eye on your engines vitals much easier than the dimly lit stock dash, while still being classy enough to be at home in an old interior. Other features include micro-controlled precision stepper motors, solid state sensors for unparalleled accuracy, and user-customizable display feedback, all supported by a limited lifetime warranty.

Basic Features:

  • 0-120/140/160 MPH Speedometer Option (255 mph)
  • Tachometer
  • Oil pressure
  • Water Temperature
  • Voltmeter
  • Fuel Level
  • Clock (digital)
  • Odometer (digital)
  • Optional add-ons available such as the GPS speedo and engine oil temp modules (pictured)

Dakota Digital Vhx 2/16

Remove Old Steering 3/16

1. Installation starts with removal of the old steering wheel; this will allow you to take out the factory bezel and gauge cluster.

Remove Small Hidden 4/16

2. These small hidden screws are removed so the dash will come loose.

Remove Piece Under Column To Get To 5/16

3. This piece under the column was also removed so we could get access to the wiring.

Disconnect Old 6/16

4. Once the stock instruments were loose, Jason Scudellari proceeded to disconnect the old wiring from the factory gauge modules.

Stock Cluster Is 7/16

5. With the wiring and bolts removed, the stock cluster was pulled and set aside.

Dakota Digital Compared To 8/16

6. A comparison shot reveals how modern looking the Dakota piece is compared to old GM stock. Our thoughts; the VHX setup features a clean look with a classy feel.

Factory Chrome Bezel 9/16

7. The factory chrome bezel is actually retained in this install.

Mount Factory Chrome Bezel To Dakota 10/16

8. The factory chrome bezel is getting mounted into the dash.

Solid State 11/16

9. Laboratory-grade solid-state sensors are used in this kit.

Solid State 12/16

10. These sensors are more accurate than previous styles.

Ground New Gauge Cluster Before 13/16

11. Under the Dash, Scudellari ground the new gauge cluster before moving on to the rest of the wiring.

Vhx System Control 14/16

12. Here is the brain behind the VHX System: the control module. Instead of bringing bundles of wires to each gauge, this module works as a hub and allows the installer to tuck away his work cleanly. A single ribbon cable connects to the display and it even features diagnostics to provide simple troubleshooting

Instrument Cluster Into 15/16

13. With the bezel in place, Jason Scudellari slides the instrument cluster into the Chevelle dash.

Control Module Wired To Gauge 16/16

14. Once screwed down, the control module can be wired to the gauge panel. The VHX System is more than just a trick-looking gauge panel, the digital window also can be programmed to show your 0-60 MPH times, quarter-mile times and even a high speed recall and rpm recall.


Dakota Digital
Sioux Falls, SD 57107



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