Corvette Product Preview - April 2014

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For Your New-Tech LT1

Comp Cams' R&D crew has been at it again, and this time they've cooked up a new camshaft series for your C7's LT1 engine.

Comp Cams Lt1 2/7

These cams are designed to work with your LT1's direct injection, VVT (Variable Valve Timing) and AFM (Active Fuel Management) lifters, allowing you to leverage all that new engine technology for performance gains. They feature four different lobe profiles, a revolutionary configuration that optimizes intake- and exhaust-valve opening/closing events.

The result? Increased torque and horsepower throughout the entire rpm range, along with excellent responsiveness.


Make 'Em New Again!

We're talking about the leather seats in your '89-'93 C4, which may be showing more than a little wear and tear by now. That's why Paragon Reproductions came up with a new repro pre-mounted leather seat-cover kit.

Paragon Reproductions Leather Seats 3/7

The kit contains both left- and right-side seat covers (in your choice of black, light gray, red, blue, saddle, Flame Red, white, and light beige), which come professionally mounted on brand-new foam. This saves you not only the hassle of ordering the foam and covers separately, but also the time you would otherwise have spent on mounting them yourself.


Keep Your C5 Hardtop's Cabin Dry

Is it too early to think about repro parts for your C5 hardtop? It isn't if the OEM roof-rail seal is leaking water or air. In that case, Metro Moulded Parts' new Platinum Series roof-rail weatherstripping for fixed-roof '99-'04 Vettes (FRC and Z06) is a must-have.

Metro Moulded Parts Roof 4/7

Made from Metro's specially formulated “Supersoft” sponge rubber, it'll keep out wind, weather, and air noise better even better than the factory original. Installation is remove-and-replace easy, and the 'stripping is covered by Metro's 30-year replacement warranty.


Wish-Book Time

Remember the “wish books” of yesteryear, filled with all the latest goodies and gift ideas? If so, you'll want to get Corvette Central's latest Corvette Accessories catalog.

Corvette Central Corvette Accessories 5/7

Inside are 134 pages of Corvette-related items, including gear and accessories for the new C7. You'll find the very latest in Corvette apparel, car covers, die-cast models, fender covers, jewelry, license-plate frames, signs, and watches, along with a wide range of tools and garage items. It's an unbeatable (and free!) resource to help you find that perfect gift for the Corvette fan in your life.


Sound With Style

So, you just got your C7, and you'd like to add a little visual flair to it? Try installing American Car Craft's new exhaust filler panel. Like ACC's other dress-up items, it's made from stainless steel, has a brushed appearance, and is available with or without the red LED illumination seen here. It's also proudly made in the U.S.A.

American Car Craft Exhaust Filler 6/7

Bolt it on and watch your fellow '14 Corvette turn green—er, red—with envy.


For a Better-Handling 'Ray

Is the '14 Stingray the best Vette yet? Probably, but even so, we're seeing plenty of new aftermarket items designed to improve on the car's already world-class handling.

Baer Adjustable C7 Front Tie Rod 7/7

Take Baer's new adjustable C7 front tie-rod ends, for example. They'll improve your 'ray's performance and safety by allowing you to compensate for ride-height and suspension-geometry changes. They even allow for full-range articulation, so the tie rods track in the same arc as the steering arm.

Model-specific sleeves and pins, lightweight construction, and made-in-the-U.S.A. quality round out the highlights.





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