1998 Chevy Camaro Suspension Upgrade - Part 2

BMR Suspension Installation- Get It Under Control

Harley Camilleri Mar 21, 2014 0 Comment(s)
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Bmr Springs Heater 2/25

13. We like low and functional, so the 1 1⁄4-inch drop offered by the BMR springs wasn't going to be enough to match the front modifications we made. We gained an additional 3⁄4-inch drop by swapping the thick spring isolators for heater hose.

Dual Rate Rear 3/25

14. The 160-lb dual-rate rear springs were engineered to provide greater handling without sacrificing good ride quality on the streets.

Koni Single Adjustable Sport 4/25

15. Koni single-adjustable sport shocks were a gigantic improvement over the milquetoast originals. As with everything else, we set the shocks to the middle adjustment as a baseline.

Remove Panhard 5/25

16. As we removed components like the Panhard rod, it was surprising to see how much rust had built up on the unprotected metal surfaces over the past 16 years.

Panhard Rod Matched Rear Control 6/25

17. Our choice in Panhard rod matched the rear control arms. The polyurethane/rod end combination halted side-to-side deflections while cornering and was on-car adjustable to ensure the axle sits perfectly square to the chassis.

Qa1 Teflon Lined 7/25

18. The Teflon-lined QA1 rod end was placed on the axle, while the poly bushing was mounted to the body.

Replace Sway 8/25

19. Increasing cornering ability requires decreasing body roll. Replacing the factory 19mm sway bar with BMR's beefy 25mm hollow sway bar goes a long way towards obtaining that goal.

New Endlinks With Stronger 9/25

20. New endlinks with stronger bushings were included with the sway bar to transmit more energy to the bar for greater function.

Subframe 10/25

21. Mating the two substructures of the Camaro's unibody with 2-inch square subframe connectors was a necessity to increase the car's handling capabilities. The rear mounts encapsulated the control arm mount.

Front Mounts Of Bmr 11/25

22. The front mounts of the BMR connectors were shaped to meet the front subframe correctly and required welding.

Remove Some Of 12/25

23. It was disappointing to have to remove some of the powdercoat from the bright-red subframe connectors, but welding to bare metal works best.

Weld Subframe 13/25

24. Anywhere the subframe connectors and Camaro subframe met, we welded and touched up with some fresh spray paint to ward of any future corrosion.


BMR Suspension
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