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Tony Huntimer Feb 6, 2014 0 Comment(s)
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Q. Tony,

You're the Man! The information in your columns has been very helpful. I purchased a '69 Camaro with a V-8 and a four-speed. It has Firebird front sheetmetal and a fiberglass cowl hood. It's been painted with house paint. I'm pretty sure it's an SS because it has the correct exhaust bracket on the left-hand framerail. While I was doing my "CSI" Camaro investigation, I came across a man who said that no SS Camaro came with a wood-grain accent interior. Can you tell me if this is correct?

Bill Salzman

A. Hey Bill,

I was sure that an SS Camaro could be ordered with the RPO Z23 and/or Z87, which included wood-grain interior accents, but I didn't want to be too cocky and give the wrong information. So I called Brian Henderson over at Super Car Workshop. It turns out that he's currently restoring an SS with original wood-grain accents and has restored many other Camaros like it in the past. Brian reinforced my thoughts that the guy you talked to must have been thinking of some other car, considering all the Z11 Indy Pace Car Camaros were SS models and plenty of those had wood-grain accents.

Ss Camaro 2/6

Here’s an SS Camaro interior with the Z87 wood-grain accents.

Q. Hi guys,

I love your magazine, especially all the first-gen articles. I have my first and maybe only Camaro, as my other half says. I'm wondering if you can help me. The car is a '67 and was originally a 350 small-block. The engine was replaced at one time with a 350 out of a '71 Chevelle. I believe the setup for the power steering brackets are the same for both, but the pump is at a slight angle away from the crank pulley. Any idea if the brackets are slightly different?

Keep up with the good work!

North of the border reader
Via email

A. Gordon,

We're glad you enjoy the articles. It's good to hear a little feedback once in a while. You've got a great looking '67!

Since we don't have a picture of your engine, we don't know if the '71 Chevelle 350 engine in your Camaro has brackets from the '71 model year Chevelle or from the '67 model year Camaro. The '67 and '68 small-block had a short water pump and specific brackets that only work with the short water pump. The small-block-equipped '69 and later Camaros and Chevelles (and all other Chevy cars except Corvettes) utilized a long water pump and matching accessories.

It's possible the person who installed the engine used the long water pump and accessories from the Chevelle, along with some rigged-up short water pump accessories to get the car on the road. This could cause some serious belt/pulley alignment issues that lead to shortened belt life and chronic belt-tossing at higher rpm.

If this is the case and you want it to be correct for '67, I would suggest sourcing a correct short water pump and brackets from companies like National Parts Depot, Ground Up, Camaro Central, or Year One. If you're not worried about it being correct, simply install a power steering pump, bracket, and hoses for a '69 Camaro.

There are cases where factory brackets don't line up perfectly. If your brackets and accessories are all correct for '67, it's possible you'll need to check for a bent bracket or see if it's possible to install a washer between the block and the bracket to get the pulleys into alignment. If it takes more than a washer or two, there's a bigger problem.

Hopefully your "other half" will realize how much joy you get from your Camaro and allow you to get a second one so you can both have fun.

1967 Chevy 3/6

Gordon’s nice-looking ’67.




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