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Typically on this page we regale you with an image and a brief tale of some high-end ride being fabricated at a pro shop, but there are thousands of average Joe gearheads out there wrenching together their version of Camaro nirvana. One such chap is Tim Adams of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. He's long dreamed of cruising a Camaro, so when an affordable 2001 V-6 became available on the market he snatched it up. "It had a damaged engine, so the cost was low," said Tim. "I bought it with plans to do an LS conversion, but after researching the cost, I determined it would have been cheaper to just buy an LS-powered Camaro." Given this, his plan became to transplant a new V-6 engine into the Camaro and use it for a driver while saving up for his real dream car: a second-gen. This was his first engine swap and we found his method of "dropping" the engine out of the car creative to say the least.




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