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Corvette Product Preview - February 2014

Feb 6, 2014
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Wrapped with a Bow

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering’s custom Cover King Satin Stretch indoor car covers for C5 and C6 Corvettes are made of satin with Lycra. These ultra-custom-fit covers come in black with a white Lingenfelter logo emblazoned on the hood area, along with a one-year warranty.

 Product Preview Cover King Satin Stretch Car Cover 2/17

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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Flowmaster’s Super HP-2 mufflers use the company’s Laminar Flow technology to compress sound waves, causing them to collide within the unique hourglass-shaped interior. The process is said to cancel sharp tones and expel exhaust gasses at a higher rate. Wrapped in a new compact square shell and crafted from 304 or 409S stainless steel, the Super HP-2 delivers a muscular tone perfect for your Corvette. Choose from classic or polished finishes.

 Super Hp2 Mufflers Product Review 3/17

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Shoe Your Sleigh

Goodyear’s new Eagle Sport All-Season is designed for responsiveness, all-season traction, and outstanding wet and dry handling. Features include an asymmetric tread pattern with angled tread block edges, a large tread-surface area, full-depth tread sipes, and a rim protector that guards your Corvette’s valuable wheels against accidental curb damage. It’s available in 17- and 18-inch fitments for C5 and C6 Corvettes, and comes with a 50,000-mile limited tread-life warranty.

 Product Preview Goodyears Eagle Sport All Season 4/17

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Deck the Walls

To celebrate the arrival of the seventh-generation Corvette and 60 years of Corvettes, VETTE columnist K. Scott Teeters created an art print showing every year Vette from ’53 to ’14, plus the ’63 Grand Sport, the ’01 C5-R, and the ’05 C6.R. The 12x36-inch masterpiece can even be custom framed by Fine Art America when you make your purchase. Choose from a wide selection of wooden and metal frame styles and colors, several dozen mat colors in custom sizes, and even double matting.

 Product Preview Art Print 5/17

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The Grin that Stole Christmas

AutoEtcNeon has introduced eight new Corvette-design ingots just in time for holiday gift giving. Choose from a C5 or C6 Emblem, Grand Sport, 60th Anniversary, C6 ZR1, C6 Z06, Centennial, and 50th Anniversary. They’re available in sterling silver, gold over sterling silver, and 10k gold.

 Product Preview Corvette Design Ingots 6/17

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No-Fat Branch Dressing

Kurt Adler, one of the world’s largest glass-ornament manufacturers, is ready to add some horsepower to your Christmas tree with this ’57 Corvette ornament. Featuring a beautifully detailed, hand-blown-and-painted, 5-inch glass design, it’s perfect for Corvette collectors and enthusiasts.

 1957 Corvette Ornament Product Preview 7/17

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To Grandmother’s House We Glow

XPEL’s patented Headlamp Protection Film features a scratch-resistant coating that can withstand up to 1-inch-diameter stones hurtling into a headlamp at speeds surpassing 120 mph, preventing shattered lenses. Optically clear, it guarantees distortion-free light transmission for nighttime driving, prevents the headlamp from oxidizing, and delivers the perfect balance between protection, clarity, and ease of installation.

 Product Preview Headlight Protection Film 8/17

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Dashing Through the Show

Mothers’ LeatherTech Foaming Wash and Moisture Infusion Gel Cream serve up the perfect one-two punch for detailing your Corvette’s cabin. LeatherTech Foaming Wash features a moisture-balanced foam that digs deep into any stain and safely dissolves and lifts away dirt, leaving your leather perfectly clean, hydrated, and ready for conditioning. Once clean, LeatherTech Moisture Infusion Gel Cream provides multi-layer hydration and anti-aging properties, which condition, nourish, and protect in one simple step.

 Mothers Leathertech Foaming Wash Product Preview 9/17

Christmas Lights

Impeltronics’ LED Extendable Magnetic Flashlight does more than shine a light where pointed; it also lets users retrieve items in hard-to-reach areas. This innovative tool features a flexible head for 360-degree directional rotation; three bright LED lights for increased visibility; an extendable reach ranging from 6.75 to 21-plus inches; and a magnetic head and tail capable of picking up metal objects. The tail magnet’s 8-pound-rated retention strength firmly secures the flashlight when placed on nearby magnetic surfaces.

 Product Preview Christmas Lights 10/17

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Foam Again for the Holidays

Penray Plus’ new Tire Fix Plus provides safe and effective temporary repair for flat tires. Easily applied through the tire’s valve stem, the foaming sealant finds and seals the point of leakage and inflates the tire to a safe operating pressure, all in one simple operation. Then, its built-in Leak Detective leaves an easily identified fluorescent mark at the location where it has sealed a leak. The product is proudly engineered, produced, and packaged in the USA.

 Product Preview Tire Fix Plus 11/17

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I Saw Mommy Racing Santa Claus

DTE Performance Differential Assemblies for C5 and C6 Corvettes are built to order, which means beefing up your Vette’s rearend has never been easier. Street Series Stage 1 includes power steam cleaning, hand washing, and bead blasting of all components to a like-new finish; machining of specific components for improved fit and functionality; a cryogenically treated ring-and-pinion set in your choice of gear ratios; and much more. Sportsman Series assemblies for more intense applications are also available. Each unit is prepared, assembled, and blueprinted in the USA.

 Product Preview Dte Performance Defferential Assemblies 12/17

Christmas Clean-Up

Mothers’ Back-to-Black Tire Renew is a no-rinse cleaner that brings a natural, long-lasting look to any color or brand of tire -- blackwall or whitewall. It’s formulated with special “encapsulating” cleaning agents that break through and dissolve built-up dirt, grease, road film, brake dust, and old dressings to safely restore the look of your tires. Simply spray it on your sidewall and wipe it away with a soft cloth. No water is needed.

  Product Preview Back To Black Tire Renew 13/17

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On the C6 for Christmas

Corsa’s new Performance Intakes for C6 Corvettes use Power Channel Technology to direct air from the filter to the throttle body; streamline flow to eliminate calibration concerns; and increase horsepower, torque, and throttle response. They’re made from hand-formed, aerospace-grade carbon fiber for maximum strength and minimum weight. The carbon construction serves a second purpose, by integrating a thermal barrier to reduce intake-air temperatures.

 Product Preview Filter 14/17

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Don’t Put it in the Eggnog!

AMSOIL’s OE Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid -- available in Multi-Vehicle and Fuel-Efficient formulations -- helps trans internals stay clean by resisting heat-related evaporation and viscosity loss. Its excellent low-temperature fluidity maximizes fuel efficiency and produces reliable shifts during cold starts. What’s more, onboard conditioners help prevent seals and gaskets from drying out and cracking, reducing the risk of fluid leaks.

 Product Preview Amsoil Oe Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid 15/17

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Have a Holley Jolly Christmas

Holley’s GM LS Series billet throttle bodies are designed with a contoured throttle bore to provide smooth and predictable performance from idle to WOT. Features include a full, roller-bearing-supported throttle shaft; a factory-style, stamped-steel throttle linkage; and a clear-anodized finish for long-lasting good looks.

 Product Preview Gm Ls Series 16/17

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Super Stocking Stuffer

Craftsman’s new 5⁄16-inch Side Terminal Battery Wrench makes removing the positive and negative cables on your Corvette’s side-terminal battery a cinch. It features a low-profile design that easily navigates the tight spaces around the battery, a reversible ratcheting box for quick bolt removal or tightening, and an insulated handle that reduces the risk of electrical shock. Best of all, it’s backed by Craftsman’s no-hassle lifetime warranty.

 Craftsmans Side Terminal Battery Wrench 17/17

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