1963 Chevy Nova Steering Upgrade

Tighter Turns

Jake Amatisto Jan 16, 2014 0 Comment(s)
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Column Permanently Attached To 2/18

6. The stock steering box is attached with three bolts that go through the frame, but the column is pretty much permanently attached to the box so we had to get creative with the rest of the removal.

Flaming River Steering 3/18

9. Back under the hood, we installed the Flaming River steering box bracket before bolting up the new quick ratio box—it’s got 3.5 turns lock-to-lock instead of 6.

Sawzall Stock Column 4/18

7. Since the Flaming River kit comes with a column, we decided to mutilate the stock column shaft with a Sawzall to separate the two components.

Eastwood Chassis Black Spray 5/18

10. The Flaming River box comes unpainted, so we sprayed it with some of Eastwood’s Chassis black before bolting it up with grade 8 hardware.

Removal Of Stock 6/18

8. Inside the car, once the column shaft was disconnected, removal of the stock column required two bolts under the dash.

Eddie Motorsports Racer Wheel 7/18

16. The steering wheel we chose was Eddie Motorsports’ Racer wheel in black (PN MS-140-50). This piece totally fits the theme of the car and will look wicked in the all-black interior. The horn adapter comes blank too, so we’ll probably end up putting a cool insignia there.

Cpp Deluxe Idler 8/18

11. Here’s a shot of CPP’s Deluxe Idler Arm (PN 6367 IA-UK), which is a much nicer piece than stock.

Grease Zerk 9/18

12. Back under the car we simply hooked up the pitman arm and made sure to grease all the Zerk fittings.

Flaming River Steering Column Bolted To 10/18

13. The Flaming River steering column is easily bolted up using an aluminum bracket that attaches under the dash; however, you do need to retain the brake pedal bracket to solidify the whole setup. Without the bracket, the column won’t be sturdy.

Flaming River D 11/18

14. To connect the column and box, Flaming River includes the appropriate d-shafts and universal joints needed to make a clean and simple install.

Eddie Motorsports Racer Steering 12/18

15. To install Eddie Motorsports’ “Racer” steering wheel (PN MS-140-50), we first bolted up the aluminum hub adapter, which easily mated to the Flaming River column. We have to point out that the aluminum bracket holding the column actually sits lower and works in conjunction with the factory column support bracket, which we later bolted up.


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