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Corvette Product Preview - January 2014

Jan 29, 2014
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Stay in Your Seat

Zip Corvette Oe Style Seat 2/7

Zip Corvette's OE-style reproduction seat belts for 1958-1996 Corvettes are designed to replicate factory belts, including buckles with GM logos; correct, color-matched boots and belt stop; and three- or four-panel webbing. They're sewn, assembled, and tested in the USA under the latest FMVSS safety guidelines, ensuring that your Corvette meets today's stringent occupant-safety standards.

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Unclog that Drain

Matco Tools Circuit Parasitic Drain 3/7

Unlike traditional amp meters, Matco Tools' new Professional Circuit/Parasitic Drain Tester lets you obtain circuit amperage without removing the fuse. Just dial in the tester to the applicable setting (5 to 80 amps) and place the leads on the fuse contacts. Use it to test for parasitic drain, no connection, or a blown fuse. It's compatible with mini, maxi, and ATO fuses.

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Judgment Day

Holley Performance Products Terminator Fuel Injection System 4/7

Holley Performance Products' Terminator fuel-injection system is designed to help Corvette owners retrofit their carbed engines with EFI. The kit's main components are a 950-cfm, pre-wired, square-flange throttle body; 80-lb/hr fuel injectors (rated to 600 hp); and an ECU that delivers fast and accurate self-tuning while you drive. A main wiring harness, handheld tuner, and necessary sensors are also included. Conversion to an electric fuel-pump system is required, and intakes equipped with a spread-bore flange require an adapter.

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Current Affairs

Flaming River Billet Hd Amp Alternator 5/7

Flaming River's Billet HD Amp High Output Alternators feature precision-balanced, low-mass rotors, and their twin rectifier plates boast twice as many diodes as an OEM unit. The result is more horsepower at the wheels, excellent output at extremely low rpm, and less energy wasted in the form of heat. These alternators are the perfect solution for Corvettes that struggle with premature alternator failure, intermittent electrical-accessory problems, or low voltage at any engine speed. Choose from 150- or 240-amp units in machined, polished, or black-anodized finishes. They're made in the USA, available for 1992 to 2012 models, and come with a three-year/36-month warranty.

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Quiet or Riot?

Billy Boat Performance 6/7

Billy Boat Performance Exhaust's new Fusion after-cat systems instantly change the tailpipe sound of your 1984-or-newer Corvette from mild to wild. The kits feature two polished T-304 stainless-steel mufflers, each of which has two passages: The “quiet” passage uses a muffled-and-chambered tube to eliminate droning, while the “loud” passage uses a straight tube to produce adrenaline-pumping sound. Modes are selected via a dash-mounted switch and actuated by engine vacuum. (On NPP-optioned C6s, the valve is also controlled by the ECU.) Each kit includes a choice of oval or round tips, as well as all necessary installation hardware.

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Weigh to Go

Proform Vehicle Scale 7/7

Proform's Wireless Scale Kit is the modern way to ensure your Corvette is at its optimum fighting weight. The kit includes four wheel pads and durable ABS terpolymer ramps, along with a wireless monitor. Together they allow you to quickly, safely, and accurately (to within 0.01 percent) measure total weight; the percentage load at each wheel; and the percentages for cross weight, side-to-side, and front-rear balance. A durable nylon carrying case is included.

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