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OK, we admit that seeing a Camaro in the process of being saved from the scrap heap of history warms our hearts. So, one can only imagine how our collective hearts swelled when we spied what's going on over at Holohan's Hot Rod Shop in Mooresville, North Carolina. As owner Dan Holohan told us, "Even though they all pretty much look the same, these F-body projects are different in the level of build, and like the owners, each car has taken on its own personality." The Camaros in Dan's shop do share a few common traits though. For one, they are all getting the g-Machine treatment and LS engines from either Mast Motorsports or Chevrolet Performance will power each one. They'll also all field varying levels of Detroit Speed Inc. suspension systems. Where they will differ is in regards to the amount of custom bodywork being done and fabrication bits such as rollcages, custom headers, and exhaust.

To check out the shop or to see how this bevy of Camaro beauties are progressing, be sure to click on over to

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