How to Install the Turbonetics Camaro Turbo Kit - Bolt-On Big Boost

500-rwhp from a bolt-on, 50 state legal, Turbonetics turbocharger system

Justin Cesler Jun 19, 2014 0 Comment(s)
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Adjutable Wrench Bracket Intercooler Fit 2/31

14. However, you will need to “make some room” between the front core support and the A/C condenser for the turbocharger to intercooler coupler. Greg Lovell of AntiVenom used a large adjustable wrench to gently bend the bracket forward, working it out of the way until the coupler and inlet of the intercooler fit without rubbing.

Turbonetics Duo Blow Off Valve 3/31

15. The Turbonetics Duo 35mm blow off valve mounts directly to the top of the intercooler. The blow off valves job is simply to release air trapped inside the system once the driver closes the throttle blade after a wide open throttle, or partial throttle run. On the Turbonetics system, this released air is then plumbed back into the air box for a clean and almost silent operation.

Intercooler Air Flow Tube 4/31
Remove Factory Coolant Overflow Bottle 5/31

16a-b. The passenger side of the front mount system flows cooled air from the intercooler into the throttle body of the Camaro. A silicone coupler attaches the large “cold side” piping to the intercooler, which routes air up into the engine bay. You’ll need to remove the factory coolant overflow bottle to make room for the tubing, and then install two couplers in the engine bay to connect the tubing to the throttle body.

Stock Mass Air Flow Sensor 6/31

17. The stock Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor bolts to the new Turbonetics tubing, and is used with the factory computer to measure airflow into the engine. Interestingly, the Turbonetics tubing includes a slick honeycomb filter before the MAF sensor, which smoothes out the airflow for reliable MAF readings.

Heat Blanket Wrap Turbine 7/31

18. Remember all of that heat wrapping we did earlier? Time to do even more of it. Everything on the hot side of the turbo system, including the turbo itself, needs to be covered and Turbonetics includes everything you need to make this work in the kit. A heat blanket covers the turbine housing (which keeps heat in to improve spool and heat out of the engine bay to reduce underhood temps), and heat wrap covers the up-pipe and downpipe.

Exhaust System 8/31

19. Speaking of the downpipe, that’s the new exhaust system for the turbocharger, and its job is to move spent exhaust gasses away from the turbine housing and out of the Camaro’s engine bay. Kyle attaches it to the turbocharger using the provided V-band clamp, and routes it in front of the engine towards the passenger side of the Camaro.

Downpipe Routing 9/31

20. The downpipe then routes through the passenger motor mount area and back under the Camaro. At 3-inches, this is a large pipe to fit through the underside of the chassis, but it will fit if you find the right location for everything. Take your time and make sure the downpipe is far enough away from the steering rack and starter wiring.

Wastegate Dump Tubes Downpipe 10/31

21. Finally, you can hook up the wastegate dump tubes to the downpipe, and snug up all of the exhaust clamps. Note the Y-pipe on the end of the downpipe; that allows the Turbonetics system to merge directly into a factory exhaust system (not shown), keeping the turbo system quite and street legal.

Metal Upper Lower Radiator Lines 11/31

22. Back in the engine bay, it was time for Kyle to install the new metal upper and lower radiator lines, which will hold up much better in the turbocharged engine bay. Again, Turbonetics included everything necessary for the installation, including the couplers and clamps. Simply slide the new tubing in place and clamp it down.

Air Intake System Install 12/31

23. Installing the air intake system was next on our list, and it’s a simple job using the factory air box. For emission compliancy, you’ll want to keep the factory unit in place, although the MAF will be relocated and the top of the box will be replaced with the included aluminum hold down bracket. Slide the existing box into the turbocharger inlet coupler and bolt it down.

Turbonetics Injectors 13/31

24. Increasing airflow means increasing fuel flow and the Turbonetics system ships complete with a set of 63 lb/hr injectors. These new units drop right in to the factory fuel rail, and utilize the existing injector harness clips. With the new injectors, you will need a new calibration file (tune) for the ECU but Turbonetics includes that in the system as well…

Washer Fluid Coolant Overflow Tank 14/31

25. You know you’re almost done when you get to this step, and bolting the new washer fluid and coolant overflow tank in place is as easy as it looks. Using two studs already found on the driver’s side strut tower, Kyle dropped the container in place and bolted it down. You’ll need to hook the stock lines back up, so don’t forget that before you fill it with fluid!

2010 Chevrolet Camaro Turbonetics Turbocharger 15/31

26. We’re not going to pretend that this is an easy installation but it is definitely something that can be done at home using regular tools. If you’re comfortable working on your Camaro, budget a full weekend or two, and you’ll be turbocharged in no time. The Turbonetics system ships with everything – and we do mean everything – you’ll need for a complete, 50 state legal, turbo system.

Antivenom Dyno Camaro Turbo 16/31

27. Oh yeah, and it’ll make big power too! On the dyno at AntiVenom, we recorded peak horsepower at 507.7-rwhp and peak torque at 521.15 lb-ft. That’s a gain of 93.16-rwhp and over 113 lb-ft of torque over our already strong bolt-on baseline numbers and a massive gain over stock. With 507-rwhp on tap and enough torque to rotate the earth, this Camaro will smoke the competition and drive like a dream on the street or track.


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