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Tony Huntimer Nov 8, 2013 0 Comment(s)
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Q. Tony,

Do you have some info on adjusting door and quarter glass for a 1969 Camaro? I need to adjust mine and would like to get the facts before I tear in to it.


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If you’re going to adjust your windows, mark the adjustment bolt locations before loosening them so you can return back to the original start point if necessary.

A. Jack,

Adjusting glass is a pane! Joking aside, there isn’t much information out there on adjusting door and quarter glass because it is a tedious process. There’s so much to adjusting the windows that we could write a complete tech article on the subject. Until we can tackle that feat, here are a few tips:

Have a lot of patience!

If you’re starting from scratch and you don’t have any parts, you better find somebody that knows what they are doing or find a person that has an assembled system you can inspect and copy.

If you’re only after fine-tuning a complete system, find the adjusters that move the glass in and out to change the angle of the glass and then find the adjusters that pivot the glass up and down. The window stops are also important to adjust the final up/parked position of the glass.

It’s common to have quarter glass that won’t roll up and down without assisting it by pulling or pushing the glass while turning the crank at the same time. This is typically a symptom of a worn-out or ultra-dry roller/guide. The meshing teeth of the window regulators wear out, too, so there can be a lot to inspect and replace before adjusting your windows.

If your windows are loose, find the worn parts. Mark the adjustment nut positions before removing them, so you have a starting point upon reassembly. Buy some new parts from sources like Ground Up Restorations (ss396.com), National Parts Depot (npdlink.com), YearOne (yearone.com), Camaro Central (camarocentral.com), or Rick’s Camaro (rickscamaros.com) including new rollers, guides, and other replacement parts. Lube the mechanisms, slides, and guides with white lithium grease.

It’s a pain, but you really have to adjust both windows together to get them to fit the weatherstrip while keeping the windows together at the same time.

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There are a lot of parts you’ll need if you want to start fresh. This great door glass mounting set/kit came from Classic Industries.

Got a burning tech question? Email Tony Huntimer at: camaroperformers@racehome.com


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