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Corvette Product Preview - November 2013

The Latest Goods and Gear for Your Vette

Nov 1, 2013
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Run It on Red
Red Line's 75W-90 Gear Oil promises to keep your C5 or C6 Corvette's differential operating at its best. It's formulated from a proprietary high-viscosity-index (VI) blend of ester base stocks and friction modifiers, which improve differential efficiency for better mileage, longer drain intervals, and less wear. Red Line 75W-90 also features superior shear stability and reduced oxidation compared with other synthetics and conventional gear oils. It exceeds the industry's API GL-5 specifications.
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Red Line 75W 90 Gear Oil 2/7

Carbon-Based Light Forms
Seibon Carbon's OEM-style carbon-fiber hood for '97-'04 Corvettes is a stylish, lightweight alternative to the heavy stock piece. Like all of Seibon Carbon's products, it's constructed with a consistent weave pattern and exceptional carbon/resin ratio, attributes that provide high product stiffness and extra strength.
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Oem Style Carbon Fiber 3/7

No Basic Cable
Bowtie Overdrives has released a new version of its patented TV Made EZ System, designed for use with Quickfuel SS and Slayer Series carburetors. Sold in kit form, it corrects the shift timing on 700-R4 and 200-4R transmissions attached to these carb models. Each kit comes complete with the brackets, cable, and hardware necessary for installation.
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Bowtie Overdrives Quickfuel Ss 4/7

Sequence Initiated
MTI Racing's six-speed sequential transmission for T56- and TR6060-equipped Corvettes can bring shift times down to an astonishing 1⁄200-second. Using the original Tremec gear case, MTI converts the stock internals and H-pattern shift mechanism to full sequential operation, maintaining the original mating surfaces, mountings, clutch, slave cylinder, and driveshafts. This system offers lightning-fast, no-lift upshifting ability and Sixth-through-Second downshifts, which are completed in less time than it takes to brake.
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Mti Racing Transmission 5/7

Just the Facts, Ma'am
Viking Soft's Corvette Facts smartphone app is chock-full of tools and information for Corvette hobbyists and professionals. It includes all Corvette models and submodels from '53 through the new '14 Stingray; available engines, transmissions, and rear-axle ratios for every production year; technical specifications for chassis, body, and drivetrain components; VIN, engine, transmission, and rear-axle decoders; Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) lookup (for '97-up models); and much more. Corvette Facts is available for iPhones and Android devices.
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Viking Sof Corvette Facts Smartphone App 6/7

That's My Stop
Wilwood's D8-6 calipers promise modern braking reliability for '65-'82 Corvettes. They feature billet- aluminum bodies, six stainless-steel pistons, and high-temperature seals, all of which promise to put an end to the rust, bore pitting, and seal failures that plague the OE units. The calipers mount over the stock rotors, use the original-style D8 brake pads, and fit snugly inside most '67-or-newer production wheels. Every kit comes with DOT-compliant stainless braided lines and BP-10 compound Smart Pads.
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Wilwood D8 6 Calipers 7/7



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