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Corvette Product Preview - September 2013

The Latest Gear and Products for your Corvette

Sep 1, 2013
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Go, Speed Wipers

Detroit Speed Wiper 2/7

Detroit Speed’s ’63-’67 Corvette Selecta-Speed Wiper Kit provides the performance and convenience of a late-model wiper system in a package that mounts cleanly and easily on your midyear. The kit incudes a low-profile, seven-speed wiper motor with five delays, low speed, and high speed; a rotary switch; a wiring harness; and a CNC’d aluminum adapter plate that uses the stock firewall bolt pattern.

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Brake It to the Limit

Wilwood 1953 1962 Corvette Brake 3/7

Wilwood’s new front disc-brake kit for ’53-’62 Corvettes is claimed to significantly enhance safety and performance while decreasing unsprung weight when compared with the stock drums. The base package includes high-performance, 12.19-inch vented rotors; a choice of black- or red-powdercoated six-piston calipers; and BP-10 metallic-composite Smart Pads. (Other rotor and pad configurations are available optionally.) Application-specific brackets, premium-grade hardware, and alignment shims are also included.

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Pump Your Ride

Lingenfelter Corvette C5 Fuel 4/7

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering’s (LPE) new C5 fuel pump promises improved flow (225 lph at 60 psi pressure) in high-performance ’97-’03 Corvette applications. Designed to fit without vehicle modification, it’s ideal for turbo- or supercharged engines making up to 600 hp, and naturally aspirated engines generating up to 700 horses. (For higher-output applications, LPE suggests adding a Boost-A-Pump voltage booster.) The pump, housing, filters, internal wiring harness and fuel line, and detailed installation instructions are all included.

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I Can See Clearly Now

Headlight Renew Doctor 5/7’s Headlight Restoration System renews yellow or cloudy headlights, greatly improving nighttime visibility. Its secret is an exclusive, spray-on UV protective sealant that’s claimed to last for more than five years. According to the manufacturer, “This easy, three-step DIY headlight-restoration process outperforms sanding and buffing systems, is made in the USA, and comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.” One kit treats three sets of headlights.

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Fresh Catch

Bob S Machine Shop LSX Oil 6/7

Bob’s Machine Shop’s LSX Oil Separator helps remove performance-robbing oil from your Corvette’s PCV system. It features a unique bottom-to-top airflow and an entire lower section filled with filter media. To drain, simply turn the easy-to-use valve on the bottom 90 degrees. Choose from a basic brushed finish, high-gloss powdercoat, reflective chrome-style powdercoat, or hydrodipped carbon-look. The kit includes the catch can, bracket, mounting hardware, hoses and hose candy, heat-shrink hose clamps, and fittings.

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Wear It Out

 Pit Stop King Of The Road T 7/7

69 Pit Stop is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Corvette with this cool T-shirt. Emblazoned with the motto “King Of The Road Since 1953,” the black, 100-percent-cotton tee features a visual juxtaposition of the front views of the ’53 Corvette and the C6 ZR1. It’s available in sizes M through 3XL.

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