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Product Preview - August 2013

Aug 1, 2013
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Transmission Accomplished

Gearstar Performance Transmission’s extreme-duty 6L80E automatic transmissions are the perfect upgrade to track-capable late-model Corvettes. Rated to 500 hp/lb-ft, they feature heat-treated and stress-relieved internals; performance-tuned valve bodies; upgraded clutch frictions; billet intermediate shafts and hubs; and new bearings, gaskets, seals, rings, pistons, and pump vanes. Each unit is blueprinted, then paired with a 10-inch billet converter whose stall speed is tailored to the customer’s specific application. An uploadable custom tune is included with every transmission.

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Excretion Deletion

Awesome Products Corporation’s Love Bug Eraser is the quick and easy way to remove the carcasses of Plecia nearctica and other deceased insects from your Corvette’s exterior. Simply dip the Love Bug Eraser in your favorite car-wash soap and water, then wipe it over your car with light-to-moderate hand pressure.

Awesome Products Corporation Love Bug 2/6

The Love Bug Eraser is constructed from patent-pending non-abrasive fibers, making it safe to use on all surfaces, including paint, clearcoat, metal, plastics, decals, emblems, and glass. It’s made in the USA and comes with a money-back guarantee.

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Palette Pleaser

With Flaming River’s new powdercoating services, you can choose from more than 200 custom colors when ordering any of the company’s performance products, including steering columns, boxes, drops, and mounts; rack-and- pinion kits; and steering-wheel adapters.

Flaming River Powdercoating Services 3/6

Flaming River’s trained technicians carefully disassemble the components to be powdercoated, separate the internal pieces, and, once the coating process is complete, reassemble everything with factory precision.

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Reinventing the Square

Trick Flow Specialties’ GenX 255 may just be the ultimate square-port cylinder head for LS engines with 4.00-inch (minimum) bore sizes. Each head features fully CNC’d 255cc/87cc intake/exhaust runners, 69cc CNC-profiled chambers, 12-degree valve angles, and a new rail mount to accommodate stock-style LS3 1.7-ratio rocker arms.

Trick Flow Specialties GenX 255 Cylinder 4/6

GenX 255 heads come fully assembled with one-piece, stainless-steel valves (2.165-/ 1.600-inch); Track Max Pacaloy valvesprings; locks, retainers, and guide plates; and steel or titanium retainers. Choose from standard or six-bolt mounting patterns.

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Grow Your Gallery

VETTE columnist K. Scott Teeters’ latest fine-art print celebrates the new ’14 Corvette Stingray in six different views, including the front, rear, and side; the next-gen LT1 engine; the interior; and the stunning, retro-inspired Stingray badge. Each print measures 11x17-inches, is signed by the artist, and comes numbered in a series of 500. They fit perfectly into a standard 16x20-inch mat (with a 131⁄2x101⁄2-inch opening), making framing easy.

Illustrate Corvette Series Fine Art 5/6

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Bright On!

The Eastwood Company’s new 30+1 retractable work light/flashlight combo features 30 powerful surface-mount LEDs that emit more than 200 lumens—twice as much as a traditional LED. Two powerful magnets and a slip-resistant rubber over-molded handle make it tough enough for automotive and shop use, but it’s great for around-the-house chores as well. The light features a 1.5-hour run time and recharges in four to six hours.

Eastwood Company 210 Lumen Flashlight 6/6

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