How to Install an Aftermarket Shifter in Your C5

With a few simple hand tools, improved shift feel is just minutes away

Chris Werner Jan 16, 2014 0 Comment(s)
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Aftermarket shifters are one of the top ways to improve the driving feel of GM hot rods…always have been, always will be. While the stock unit in our project C5 Z06 was reasonably precise and minimally rubbery, it also featured too-loose effort and— worst of all—throws that stretched halfway across the galaxy. True, the rear-mounted nature of the Corvette transmission means shift feel can seldom approach that of a 4th-gen F-body with a good aftermarket shifter (theirs mounts right atop the tranny). Yet improving shift feel and reducing throws is still a painless change that can be accomplished in a matter of a half hour. We grabbed a Precision Sport Shifter from B&M and got to work one Sunday afternoon. Though the process shown applies to all C5s, the steps for the C6 are very similar (B&M provides thorough instructions for both applications). We capped it off with a beautiful, weighted knob from TWM.

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B&M Racing & Performance Products
Chatsworth, CA 91311
TWM Performance


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With a few simple hand tools, improved shift feel is just minutes away.
Chris Werner Jan 16, 2014


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