Corvette C5 Modulare Forged Wheel Install

Stop, Drop, And Roll, Part 2: A behind-the-scenes look at how Modulare Forged builds its show-quality three-piece wheels

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Wheel Brushed Fine 2/31

13 Here you can see just how thorough the finishing department really is. Every bolt hole, pocket, and spoke has been worked over by hand to remove any imperfections or harsh edges. The center is brushed to a fine grain, and every surface gets the same treatment to complete the look.

Wheel Center 3/31

14 After brushing, the center is sent off to be coated. Ours received a coat of clear powder, which will provide for easy cleaning without covering up the gorgeous brushed appearance. Once the center is back in Modulare’s hands, it’s time to begin the final assembly, which starts with a brushed inner barrel, a chrome outer lip, and the brushed center.

Wheel High Strength 4/31

15 High-strength bolts are used throughout the wheel build, and each one is installed, centered, and torqued by hand. The M6 wheel design takes 39 bolts, each of which features a high-polished look with matching nuts for the inside of the wheel assembly.

Precise Rotating Fixture Alignment 5/31

16 The alignment of the inner, outer, and wheel face is absolutely critical, so Modulare techs use a precise rotating fixture to assure that the wheel is perfectly centered and round. With the bolts installed but not tight, the wheel is spun around the fixture and measured. Gentle taps from a mallet perfect the alignment, after which all of the bolts are finally torqued to spec.

Silicone Bead 6/31

17 Next, a bead of silicone is applied to the inner and outer barrels to prevent air leaks. If you’ve ever owned a set of three-piece wheels that won’t hold air in the tires for a long time, you can thank sloppy machine work, porous aluminum, or a lack of silicone. No such concerns with these beauties!

Wheel Center Cap 7/31

18 Finally, it’s time for the machined Modulare center cap to be dropped in place before the wheel is sent to the Quality Control facility. In QC, each wheel is triple checked for perfection, and every aspect of the build is thoroughly examined. The machining, width, offset, bolt pattern, and finish are confirmed, and the wheel is finally ready to ship to the customer.

Modulare Forged Wheel 8/31

19 When the wheels arrived at VETTE’s world headquarters, the quality spoke for itself.

Modulare Forged Wheel M6 9/31

20 The finish and machine work were second to none…

Modulare Forged Wheel M6 10/31
Modulare Forged Wheel M6 Design 11/31

21 …and the design had the timeless look that we were after.

Modulare Forged Wheel M6 12/31

22 No matter how many times the factory checks fitment, it’s up to the car owner to verify that everything is correct before mounting tires to the wheels. Our Modulare M6s fit perfectly in the wheelwells and, more importantly, cleared the massive C6 Z06 brakes we installed in last month’s issue.

Modulare Forged Wheel M6 Curved 13/31

23 The curved M6 spokes housed the big brakes with ease, offering more than enough clearance. This is the advantage of working with a quality wheel builder who understands high-performance building: You get what you need the first time, without any headaches.

Nitto Invo Tire 14/31

24 Having gone all out on our new wheels, we weren’t about to skimp on a cheap set of matching rubber. Our C5 Z06 is a street driver that sees minimal track time, making the Nitto Invo line an excellent choice. With its 260 treadwear, AA traction, and A temperature ratings, the Invo is billed as an “ultra-high-performance street tire that provides a blend of performance, ride comfort, and quality.”

Nitto Invo Tire 15/31

25 We ordered our Invos in a 265/30-19 fitment for the front, matching them with a pair of massive 305/25-20 rears. Those specs will maintain our 0.5-inch front-to-rear height stagger (25.31 and 25.94 inches, respectively), which will keep the ABS and TCS happy.

Nitto Invo Detail 16/31
Bolting Wheels 17/31

26 Bolting on the wheels was a simple task, in part because the tight hub bores didn’t require any “hub centric” rings to fit perfectly. The wheels balanced easily, with minimal weights, and we were even able to use the stock lug nuts for a quick-and-easy installation.

Corvette Rear Wheel 305mm Nitto Invo 18/31

27 Out back, our upsized rolling stock really fills out the wheelwell. Those 305mm Invos should give us plenty of traction under acceleration, and the snazzy chrome lip on our Modulare rims will command attention on the street, ’strip, or show field.

Corvette Front Wheel 305mm Nitto Invo 19/31

28 Not surprisingly, the front wheels fit perfectly as well, the 19x9.5-inch M6 wheels really looking at home hugging the fenders. We had plenty of room for the C6 Z06 brakes and gained some rubber width in the process. When all was said and done, our C5 Z06 was sitting pretty and performing better than ever, which is exactly what we were after. vette


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