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Chevy High Performance Parts - August 2013

The Latest Offerings For Your Street Machine

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GM-Style Key Columns
CPP's five-way tilt key columns are made from stainless steel tube with chrome finish, and are available for automatic column shift in 28-, 30-, 32-, 33-, and 35-inch lengths. These steering columns work with a standard 1-inch DD output shaft and accept any '67-94 GM steering wheel or aftermarket adapter. Automatic column shifts come with a "Bonus Pack", which includes both three-speed and overdrive shift indicators, standard and offset shift levers.

Classic Performance Products Inc.

Classic Performance Products Gm Style 2/7

Custom Fit
U Built It System for GM A-body

This new system provides an easy way to build your own Cold Air Intake System and has the flexibility to accommodate thousands of different engine combinations! Designed to be used in conjunction with Airaid's other UBI system components, this new A-body–specific bracketry allows the air filter to be mounted on either the driver- or passenger-side of the engine compartment. The metal Cold Air Dam design keeps the air filter isolated from hot engine compartment air, while allowing the engine to breathe in plenty of cold, fresh outside air. The built-in velocity stack further promotes airflow, and different versions of the kit can accommodate 3-, 3.5-, and 4-inch intake tubes. The kit also includes an oversized air filter that utilizes Airaid's SynthaFlow oiled filter media.

Airaid Filter Company

Airaid Filter Cold Air Intake 3/7

Old-School Flair
Bolt-on Cross-Ram Assembly

This heavy-duty cross-ram setup is a sure way to get noticed at car shows and on the track and will boost horsepower and low-end torque. It differs from other cross-ram kits on the market in that it does not feature original GM part numbers or stampings of any kind, making it a great lower-cost alternative to an original GM cross-ram setup. It's also perfect for a Z/28 re-creation! It includes two 600-cfm double pumpers and a fuel line set. Ground Up also sells a variety of add-on accessories for a complete installation.

Ground Up

Groundup Bolt On Cross Ram 4/7

Added Traction
Serpentine Belt System for Supercharged LS Engines

Concept One has released a new serpentine single-belt system for LS engines with Magnuson or Edelbrock superchargers. Utilizing a high-traction eight-rib pulley/belt arrangement, they believe it to be the first aftermarket design of its type. Created to function with all Gen III and Gen IV LS engines with Magnuson or Edelbrock superchargers, this kit provides a compact, polished Sanden SD-7 compressor as well as a new Delphi aluminum power steering pump. As standard equipment the pump is provided with Concept One's exclusive billet Mini Reservoir. Also included are a cast-aluminum water pump and a 105-amp polished Powermaster one-wire alternator.

Concept One Serpentine Single Belt For Ls 5/7

Other key components include a heavy-duty tensioner and Goodyear Gatorback belt together with an SFI-approved harmonic balancer. To complete the kit all necessary eight-rib pulleys and mounting brackets are provided. These accommodate the alternator, A/C compressor, power steering and the supercharger idler. This complete Concept One pulley system for LS engines supercharged by Magnuson or Edelbrock is prepared with either a machined or polished finish or in black or clear anodized coating.

Concept One

Do it Yourself
Craig Hopkins productions

If you're in the process of building your latest street machine and looking to tackle the metalwork yourself, then you'll want to check out the videos from Craig Hopkins Productions. These well-produced videos take you step by step on how to install everything from frontend sheetmetal, to full floor installations and quarter-panel replacement, including how to MIG weld. If you're looking for tips on paint and bodywork, videos are also available on how to color sand after the shiny stuff has been laid down.

CHP Videos

Craig Hopkins Productions Diy 6/7

Custom Fit
U-Weld-It Tight Fit Headers

This truly affordable new U-Weld-It Tight Fit Header Kit from Speedway Motors includes everything you need to build a pair of tight-fit, center-dump, small-block Chevy headers. The kit includes eight precut, mandrel-bent 1.5-inch mild steel primary tubes, two 2.5-inch collectors, plus the necessary flanges for assembling your custom headers. By assembling the headers yourself, you can fine-tune the angles of the primary tubes and collector outlets to better fit your vehicle. It's a true custom fit for your custom ride. Header bolts and gaskets are also included.

Speedway Motors

Speedway Motors Custom U Weld 7/7



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