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Tri-Y 4-2-1 Long-Tube Exhaust System - Tech - High Speed Merging

Testing Pfadt Race Engineering's all-new Tri-Y 4-2-1 long-tube exhaust system

Justin Cesler Sep 13, 2013
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In 2013, it's pretty hard to come up with a long-tube header design for a modern GM vehicle without jumping into a large market full of high quality headers that make proven power and not stepping on some toes in the process. This is especially true if you're essentially a high performance suspension company that's looking to take on the task of handling power production instead of lateral grip. But, leave it to Pfadt Race Engineering to not only change up the game, but to do it with a product that stands out from the crowd in both design and quality. What we're talking about here is Pfadt Race Engineering's all-new Tri-Y equal length 4-2-1 long-tube header and mid-pipe system. Built from a clean sheet, Pfadt engineers and fabricators worked together to create an exhaust system for the C6 (and C5, coming soon) that would maximize scavenging, offer improved flow, and create useable torque "under the curve" that would give street, track, and road race fans a substantial jump in both power and performance.

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The proven ability of 4-2-1 Tri-Y headers to promote "super-scavenging" has been understood for decades, but packaging, cost, and mass production obstacles have probably kept them out of the mail order market for quite some time. The team at Pfadt seems to have figured out a solution to all of those obstacles, offering a fully brushed, 100-percent TIG-welded, full stainless steel Tri-Y long-tube system with V-band clamp connections, high-flow catalytic converters, a full 3-inch X-pipe, CNC-machined header flanges, oxygen sensor bungs, extenders, MLS gaskets, and bolts that will attach to your base, Z06, ZR1, or Grand Sport C6 Corvette for under 2,000-bucks. You also get a 5-year warranty on the system (1 year on the cats), and a solid instruction sheet to get everything installed. Don't want to tackle the installation yourself? No worries, you can team up with a shop like Redline Motorsports, located in Pompano Beach, and have them properly install, calibrate, and verify your power gains in under a day. Follow along as we test the new system, and see for yourself what a Tri-Y can do for you.

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18 In a word, yes. With Howard Tanner dialing up a new calibration, the Z06 laid down 517.5-rwhp and 483.6 lb-ft of torque on the Redline dyno. That’s a gain of 23.6-rwhp and 27.4 lb-ft of torque, with a healthy helping of torque under the curve, especially from tip-in to 3500rpm. If you’re looking for big street grunt with lifetime good looks, Pfadt Race Engineering’s Tri-Y headers should definitely be on your short list.


Redline Motorsports
Pompano Beach, FL 33064
Pfadt Race Engineering

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