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Product Preview - July 2013

Jul 1, 2013
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It All Lines Up

Holley’s new Accessory Drive Kits are a simple, clean, and cost-effective solution to the accessory-drive challenges posed by GM LS engine swaps. Constructed from cast aluminum, they deliver a factory-style appearance and factory-spec stability.

Holley Accessory Drive Kit 2/7

Holley makes it easy to choose the right components for your LS swap in three steps. First, use the fitment guide to determine your belt alignment, based on your engine’s crank-pulley position. Next, choose the accessory-drive brackets you need (OE or Sanden A/C, alternator and power steering, or both). Finally, see which Holley installation kit will properly align your accessories with your crank pulley. It’s that simple.

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Octane to the Nth Power

AMSOIL Dominator Octane Boost is claimed to significantly increase engine response and power in all Corvette engines. Just pour one bottle into your gas tank and let it get to work reducing engine knock, improving ignition, and burning fuel more cleanly. Dominator Octane Boost can also serve as an excellent lead substitute for your classic Corvette. A 12-oz. bottle treats 15 gallons of pump gas.

Amsoil Octane Boost 3/7

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Lead the Charge

ProCharger describes its new i-1 as the industry’s first programmable- ratio supercharger. Thanks to its variable-ratio transmission design, “intelligent” control system, and optional touch-screen display, the i-1 allows drivers to switch between three factory-supplied performance modes, as well a user-programmable custom mode. ProCharger says the i-1’s patented programmable design produces immediate response, even at low engine rpm, without any lag or power falloff at higher revs. Systems for LS3 C6s should be available soon, with other Corvette applications to follow.

Procharger I 1 4/7

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Head and Cam Above the Rest

Chevrolet Performance’s new cylinder-head-and-camshaft package for LS3-powered Corvettes pumps up engine output by 40 horsepower over stock. The upgrade starts with CNC-ported LS3 cylinder heads, which feature 276cc intake runners and flow more than 350 cfm on the intake side. Chevrolet Performance then adds a production LS7 camshaft (211-/230-degree duration, 0.558-/0.558-inch lift, 121-degree LSA), which makes the most of the heads’ generous airflow attributes. Custom tuning is recommended.

Chevrolet 5/7

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Park it!

Better Life Technology (BLT) Imaged Parking Pads promise to beautify your garage, car-show space, or any other spot where you park your Corvette. They feature detailed graphics that are imbedded directly into polyvinyl using the G-Floor Image process. Choose from three sizes (10x20, 7.5x17, and 5x10 feet), two surface textures, and several checked patterns, including one with a Corvette logo. The pads are easy to maintain, protect floors from nearly all spills, are made in the USA, and are 100 percent recyclable.

Better Life Technologies Parking 6/7

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Get Out of the Same Old Grind

Comp Cams 4-Pattern hydraulic roller camshafts bring NASCAR racing technology to the street. They feature four different lobe patterns—one set of intake and exhaust designs for the outboard runners, and another set for the inboard runners. This configuration balances the air/fuel ratio per cylinder, netting up to 1,000-plus rpm and 20-plus peak horsepower over other hydraulic rollers. Choose from grinds ranging from 217/227- to 260/270-degree duration; all feature over 0.600-inch valve lift, stability up to 7,500 rpm, and consistent cylinder-to-cylinder torque. Though they’re available for any Chevy engine, Gen I/Gen II small-blocks and big-blocks will realize the greatest benefit.

Comp Cams 4 Pattern Hydraulic Cam 7/7

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