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Chevy Restoration Questions - Resto Tech

Mark Lundquist Dec 16, 2013
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Tip of the Month
Support your local small tracks. Well, that's if you know where one is, or have even heard of a track literally in your own backyard. Let me explain. While checking the recent downloads on Facebook, an ad for an event called the So-Cal Challenge caught my eye. The event was just three days away at a place I had never heard of called Adams Motorsports Park in Jurupa, California. The park borders Riverside, just a short drive from our house. It was the second annual event held at the park for muscle cars and the like on a 7/10-mile road course. It was a timed event with cars showing up from all over California. Most sported aftermarket suspensions from major manufacturers like Chassisworks and Speedtech. These were some hard core rides set up to run. The embarrassing part is I had never heard of the track, and it has been in operation for over 50 years. Where the heck have I been, and why didn't I know the track even existed? Thank goodness for social media. The track has weekly events with every Tuesday night being “run what you brung.” The only things you need are a helmet, seat belts and a safe car. I think I know what I'll be doing next Tuesday night. For you guys in So-Cal, check out the track at www.adamsmotorsportspark.com or 951-686-3826.

Have you guys ever seen a 6L80 and LS in a '61-'64 Impala? I have this '64 Impala convertible that currently has a 327 with Powerglide, but I recently came across a LS3/6L80 from a '12 Camaro that I'm swapping into my '64 now. Wanted to know what I would need to do to get that trans in there. Thanks.

Via Facebook

Thanks for the email, Nate, but I'm going to refer you to past article from the June 2009 Super Chevy dealing with all the questions you may have to complete your LS swap from engine mounts to oil pans and transmission conversions. Although the article deals with a Chevelle, the process is about the same for any LS swap into a small-block-equipped Chevy. Here's the link to the article on superchevy.com: http://www.superchevy.com/technical/engines_drivetrain/completebuilds_testing/sucp_0906_chevy_chevelle_ls_engine_swap/. Also, Holley makes a host of LS swap parts now, which makes this undertaking easier than ever.

Down Under
Hey from Australia. I have an LS1 in a Holden over here in storage. The question is this: for long-term storage, what motor prep do I need to do?
Toby Parrish
Via Facebook

Love those Holdens, Toby, Too bad you have to store your Holden but the two main things I would do is change the oil and remove the fuel from the tank and fuel lines. After time through evaporation the fuel may sludge and cause problems on an extended storage. Changing the oil will remove any corrosive contaminants in the old oil. Removing the plugs and using a little WD-40 or similar product in the cylinders would help protect cylinder walls and valves. Also changing or draining the coolant would help protect the cooling system. Parking the car in a dry, cool garage also will go a long way towards protecting your investment.

Combo Plate
I have just purchased a '70 standard Camaro without the drivetrain. I am not sure what engine and transmission combination to install, but I will try to keep whatever was available in 1970. The car was an automatic with a column shift. Can you tell me what choices I have in engine and transmission combinations for my second-gen Camaro? I currently have a lot on my plate but will eventually finish my project.
Van Smith
Via email

For the engine your choices are:

  • 155-horse inline 250ci inline-6
  • 200-horse 307ci V-8
  • 250-, 300- or 360-horse 350ci V-8
  • 350- or 375-horse 402ci V-8
  • Two-speed Powerglide trans
  • Three-speed, either Turbo 350 or 400 Hydramatic



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