Video: A Stroked 416-inch LS3 Makes 617hp!

Camaro Performers Magazine Tests An LS Stroker Motor on the Dyno

Nikolas Kolenich Jun 11, 2013 0 Comment(s)
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We headed over to Westech Performance recently for a usual day at the dyno, but what wasn’t so usual was the engine we bolted-up, the numbers it produced and what parts we used. The engine belongs to engine builder Tim Lee, who plans to wedge the impressive Chevy between his ’68 Camaro’s fenders.


The engine of choice was a stroked 416-inch LS3 from Chevrolet Performance, but don't let that detour you - a used block will work just as well. Inside, we stuffed an Eagle forged rotating assembly pushing Mahle pistons. A Holley Ultra-HP 850 CFM carburetor mixed gas and fuel up top, which fed an Edelbrock Super Victor single-plane intake. The high octane mixture was delivered to the cylinders by a COMP camshaft with COMP Ultra Gold rockers. A MSD 58x reluctor ignition control box with Granetelli Motorsports coil packs and wires made for a controlled detonation within the block. Holley valve covers and oil pan made-up the final touches.


Yes, it’s an LS engine, so it’s not “low-buck,” but with a carburetor up top, it’s about the most economical way to get this engine into your project. And the end results – the numbers? 617 hp and 553 lb-ft! Best part, no electronics were needed aside from our MSD ignition box.

Be sure to read the full story in our September issue of Camaro Performers Magazine, on newsstands August 6, 2013!

Dyno results:




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