Video: 2010 Camaro on the Dyno with a ProCharger i1 Installed

Industry-first Programmable-ratio Supercharger

Nikolas Kolenich Jun 19, 2013 0 Comment(s)
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Out of 300-plus entries at last year’s SEMA show, the new ProCharger i-1 system received the New Products runner-up plaque, which impressed us quite a bit. If you’re in need of some serious boost, the i-1 system sells for under $9k and can boost a stock 2010 Camaro engine 187 hp and 158 lb-ft to the rear wheels, all this with just 7.5 pounds of boost. The video below shows us dyno-tuning the system with 93 octane fuel (91 octane is the minimum) on a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro (read all about it in the current issue of Chevy High Performance, out now).

Why you care?

This is the FIRST programmable-ratio supercharger. This means while you’re in the car or in the garage, you can tune the supercharger, increasing boost and other features from a hand held device. If that’s not pretty sweet, than we don’t know what is! What’s more, the setup is extremely efficient and reasonably priced. The simplicity of the install and the gain of the torque and horsepower makes for a user friendly supercharger. You’ll achieve vigorous torque down low while retaining stout horsepower numbers at high rpm.

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