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Product Preview - June 2013

Jun 1, 2013
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Hello, Dolly

R.D. Enterprises’ Uni-Dolly car-dolly system allows a disassembled drivetrain, chassis, subframe, or car body to be placed anywhere in your shop, garage, or driveway. Constructed from powdercoated steel, it’s capable of supporting up to 4,800 lbs. Swivel casters and a range of adjustability—from 14 to 21.5 inches tall and from 30 to 60 inches wide—make it the perfect tool for your next Corvette project.

Uni Dolly Rd Enterprises 2/7

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Round and Round

Flatstoppers are the newest way to prevent flat-spotting on your Corvette’s tires during long periods of storage. These lightweight, non-slip ramps measure 22.34 x 13 x 3.39 inches and are constructed from 100 percent solid polystyrene coated with polyuria. Unlike your garage or driveway, Flatstoppers disperse your Corvette’s weight evenly and do not conduct heat or cold into your tires, regardless of floor temperature.

Race Ramp 3/7

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Looks That Chill

PRW Industries’ new line of LS Series thermostat and housing kits add some chilling “cool” to your ’97-or-newer Corvette’s cooling system (LS7 and LS9 excluded). Choose from as-cast or polished water necks; both flow better than the OE unit and feature a 90-degree neck outlet for proper radiator-hose alignment. A 180-degree thermostat is included.

Prw Ls Thermostat Housing Kit 4/7

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Mr. Know it All

Superchips’ iHawk turns your smart phone or tablet into an intelligent performance-data monitoring tool. Just plug iHawk into your late-model Corvette’s OBD-II port, download the iHawk app, and then pull up a myriad of high-tech helpers, including a personal dynamometer, hundreds of vehicle parameters in user-configurable gauges, a diagnostic-trouble-code (DTC) scanner, a data-logger, a weather station, a dragstrip density-altitude-correction calculator, and much more.

Superchips 5/7

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Rise to It

Holley’s Modular Mid-Rise intake for Gen III LS engines utilizes a 2x4 EFI intake manifold along with a plenum-base adapter to mate to any Holley Hi-Ram plenum top of your choice. The cast-aluminum unit serves up a mix of low- and high-rpm power gains, making it an excellent choice for naturally aspirated, blow-through, or turbocharged Corvettes. The kit pictured here uses a 92mm EFI plenum top that can be mounted facing the front or back.

Holley Modular 6/7

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Gasket Case

Taylor Cable Products’ Graph-Flex header and collector gaskets for Chevy SBC, BBC, and LS-series engines offer the ultimate flange repair for headers or factory exhaust manifolds. They’re constructed from 100 percent graphite bonded to a stability-adding stainless-steel metal core, creating extreme temperature resistance. According to the manufacturer, “Graph-Flex is the ultimate repair gasket! It will seal when nothing else will!” Made in the USA.

Taylor Vortex Gaskets 7/7

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