How to Install DashBoss on a Corvette C6 - Who’s The Boss?

DashBoss provides unprecedented access to your C6’s engine computer

Chris Endres Nov 13, 2013 0 Comment(s)
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Currently, DashBoss only works with Apple products: iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5; iPads (including the iPad mini); and iPod Touch with Bluetooth. Other users are out of luck for now, but DashBoss is in the planning stages for a possible Android product.

Mosher is also quick to point out that the development team is completely made up of car enthusiasts. “We listen to our users and adapt the product based on feedback from them. We have contacts and equipment that allow us to add more parameters and data items quickly. We have a very active Beta community that is very good at picking out stuff and helping us to get things in shape for release. We have spent a lot of time with the GM guys in the past, so there are a ton of unique parameters and GM specific functions—such as the CASE relearn—that we have incorporated into this product.”

We really appreciated the user-friendly interface and familiar iPhone functionality, which made initial setup and subsequent use very intuitive. You needn’t be a hard-core performance enthusiast to benefit from DashBoss. It’s also great for keeping tabs on your car’s general health and monitoring any irregularities before they become problems. And if you are hard-core, you may find DashBoss to be a practically indispensible tool. Its flexibility and seamless integration are everything we could hope for. Happy mining!

Dashboss Data 2/21

09 Data-logging is as simple as tapping the green RECORD triangle in the center of the display. When you press STOP, the Save File box will appear.

Dashboss View Logs 3/21

10 You can review your data at a later time by tapping VIEW LOGS on the home screen. Simple as can be.

Dashboss Digital 4/21

11 For those who want just the numbers with minimal clutter, Digital View is the way to go. Naturally, all data can be configured and recorded as in the Dash View.

Dashboss 5/21

12 Prior to performing performance testing, you should visit the CONFIG page and ensure that Weather Correction is ON.

Dashboss Perf 6/21

13 Return to the Home page. Next up is the PERF TEST menu.

Dashboss Location 7/21

14 Once you choose a test to run, you will see this dialog box. Choosing OK is what allows DashBoss to gather weather and location information it needs to perform weather-corrected calculations.

Dashboss Test 8/21

15 You can now run your test. DashBoss will alert you when the test is complete.

Dashboss Quarter Mile Results 9/21

16 Your test results are displayed much like a timeslip from the dragstrip. From here, you can save or delete, or instantly email your test results to a buddy. Nothing like instant bragging rights.

Dashboss 10/21

17 The last major option is DIAGS, or diagnostics. Here you can view any current or past Diagnostic Trouble Codes. You also have the ability to clear codes or email them.

Dashboss 11/21

18 Good news!

Dashboss Phone 12/21

19 Once you’ve used DashBoss, you may wonder why you ever settled for a tethered diagnostic or performance device.

Sticky Pad 13/21

20 Though not included, the Sticky Pad Roadster (available from DashBoss) proved to be a nearly mandatory accessory. It holds your iPhone or iPod upright in an easy-to-view position. Designed to mold to the contours of any dashboard, it stays firmly in place without any adhesive.




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