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Chevrolet Camaro Suspension Parts Test - Traction Action - Tech

Testing The New Nitto NT05R Drag Radials, The Drive Shaft Shop Axles, And Pfadt Trailing Arms On An Otherwise Stock Suspension 2010 Camaro SS

Justin Cesler May 28, 2010
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It should come as no surprise that getting good short times from a stock 2010 Camaro on 20-inch wheels and street tires is no easy task. In fact, for our driver, making consistent passes proved almost impossible, as the stock wheel/tire and rearend combo would either spin the tires or engage in violent wheelhop, resulting in aborted runs and potentially broken parts. This, as you can imagine, was frustrating and somewhat embarrassing, with other people at the track constantly asking "why them 2010 Camaros can't ever run fast?" and "why are they slower than the old ones?" The answer to both questions came directly back to weight and traction. So, like any self-respecting track junkies, we set out to fix our wheelhop and wheelspin issues once and for all by adding some sticky tires, some invincible axles, and a set of bridge-truss-inspired rear tailing arms.

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Our first issue was finding a tire that would work on our 2010, a task that is more complicated than it seems. First and foremost, the stock tires are tall, coming in at 28.6 inches, which means our drag radial also needed a lot of height. For comparison, the typical 275/50/15 drag radial is only 25.8-inches tall, which would look and drive horribly on a Camaro of this size. Of course, even if we could run a tire like that, it would never fit over our Brembo brakes, which seemingly need an 18-inch wheels at minimum to clear. With that information in hand, we set out to test-fit wheels and tires, finally settling on a set of used 18x9.5 C6 Z06 front wheels wrapped in a pair of massive 305/45/18 Nitto NT05R drag radials.

Of course, we were tempted to throw these wheels and tires on right away and head to the track, but an unfortunate friend's shattered 2010 axle quickly brought us back to reality. It has been no secret that the stock axles are prone to fail but seeing one shatter in front of our eyes on street tires really brought it home-we had to order some Drive Shaft Shop replacements. According to Frank at The Drive Shaft Shop, his 1000hp-capable axles not only virtually eliminate the chance of breakage, but also significantly reduce wheelhop, which any Camaro owner would appreciate. To do this, Frank has made several changes to the axles' design, the most significant of which is axle diameter and spline thickness, which promotes a stronger overall unit, capable of withstanding a ton of torque.

Not willing to leave well enough alone, we also had Pfadt Race Engineering send us a pair of its superlightweight rear trailing arms, hoping that (combined with our axles) we could completely eliminate our wheelhop issues. It is a good thing we did, since our stock trailing arms were already bent and twisted from just 2,600 miles of street driving. Yes, we said twisted-so badly in fact that we couldn't even reinstall the passenger-side arm without severely reshaping it. No matter, the Pfadt arms looked great and installed easily with minimal effort. Follow along with us as we document our install at AntiVenom in Seffner, Florida, and check out our track results.


Nitto Tire
Cypress, CA 90630
Seffner, FL 33584
The Drive Shaft Shop
Salisbury, NC 28144
Pfadt Race Engineering



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