Top Seven 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Intakes - Suck On This

We Review Seven Of The Top Fifth-Gen Camaro Intakes And The Results Are Surprising

Justin Cesler Mar 5, 2010 0 Comment(s)

Late Model Racecraft

Initial Impressions:
The Late Model Racecraft (LMR) system was well packaged and shipped complete with a one-piece, L-shaped air filter panel. The "carbon-fiber look" finish was nice and had no visible blemishes. The included K&N filter was smaller than expected, but may well flow enough for the stock engine. The single coupler install was nice, as was the MAF sensor positioning.

1005gmhtp_14_o Top_seven_fifth_gen_chevrolet_camaro_intakes Late_model_kit 2/18

Install Notes:
The LMR intake was simple to install and fit well once everything was lined up. The included instructions were decent, but the online video was excellent. The airbox wasn't a perfect fit, but it seemed to do the job. The supplied air breather line fit well over the stock breather tube, but we would prefer a one-piece unit, eliminating the stock line altogether. Overall, the LMR looked good in the engine bay, with an aggressive appearance.

30.14 in-hg
190°F coolant temperature
Max HP: 404.39
Max TQ: 407.03
Run 1
Average MPH/Sec: 8.961
Total time: 3.906
Total IAT Drop: -7
Run 2
Average MPH/Sec: 9.257
Total time: 3.781
Total IAT Drop: -9

1005gmhtp_14_o Top_seven_fifth_gen_chevrolet_camaro_intakes Late_model_kit 3/18

New Era Performance

Initial Impressions:

The New Era intake certainly makes a bold statement. This system looks like nothing else on the market and the innovation is definitely welcome. The weld quality and powdercoat looked excellent. The air filter looked smaller than we were expecting, but due to the final location of the filter, we expected it to work well.

1005gmhtp_15_o Top_seven_fifth_gen_chevrolet_camaro_intakes New_era_performance_kit 4/18

Install Notes:
Installing the New Era intake requires tilting the Camaro's radiator back, which was very simple to do. The instructions were good, with nice pictures and easy-to-follow steps. The system fit great and came with all of the necessary brackets to make everything fit. Unfortunately, the provided air breather line attaches to a hole punched in the throttle body coupler, which looked unfinished and fit poorly. Both Greg and I agreed that this system felt the quickest, even though our data proved otherwise. We experienced some stumbling early-on, along with +10% fuel trims.

30.29 in-hg
189°F coolant temperature
Max HP: 398.18
Max TQ: 402.39
Run 1
Average MPH/Sec: 9.069
Total time: 3.859
Total IAT Drop: -13
Run 2
Average MPH/Sec: 9.218
Total time: 3.797
Total IAT Drop: -1

1005gmhtp_16_o Top_seven_fifth_gen_chevrolet_camaro_intakes New_era_performance_intake 5/18


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