2010 Chevy Camaro SS Engine Tuning - Punch To The Mid Section

Tuning A 2010 Camaro SS Gains 27 LB-FT Of Torque And Tons More Under The Curve

Justin Cesler Nov 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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If you are a frequent reader of GM High-Tech Performance (which, you better be) you may remember this Camaro from our last issue. Terry and Helen Angell had a great time running 13.38's but, like all GM enthusiasts, stock just isn't going to cut it.

Their Camaro is a 2010 2SS, equipped with an L99 engine, a 6L80E transmission, and a set of the stock 20-inch rear wheels, which they would like to make a bit quicker and more fun to drive. With this in mind, we assembled a couple of longtime GM tuners, builders, and programmers and let them loose on this 2010. HP Tuners stepped up big, supplying us with a full 2010 Definition File, allowing a staggering amount of control over both the engine and transmission tables. Corvette Masters of Maitland, Florida, supplied us with a killer facility and its Dynojet chassis dyno, so we could have Jeremy Formato of FasterProms work his magic.

Admittedly, there were less than ideal conditions during dyno testing (in the heat of July), with ambient temperatures averaging 90 degrees and super-heated, 117-degree incoming air temps. However, these are very realistic conditions for the average summer across the country, so what you see here represents what most 2010 Camaros fitted with the L99 engine and 6L80E transmission will put to the tire, on an SAE-corrected Dynojet. In between each run, Jeremy and the crew from Corvette Masters allowed ample cool down, but not to the point of running the car too cold.

Check out the rest of the story to see exactly how much power we picked up. Numbers aside, Terry reports, "as far as the tune goes, it definitely has more balls down low and will spin heavily on the 1-2 shift, which gets a ton of attention. The other big part is the fact the car downshifts more aggressively, even with only part throttle, which makes the car much more fun to drive. I suspect now that the big issue will be getting traction."


HP Tuners
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
Corvette Masters
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