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14 Of The Best Boosted LS and LT Combos For Pump Gas Street Cars

Justin Cesler Jul 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Photo Courtesy of Nelson Racing Engines.

Over the years we have seen many sick combinations, a select few of which have proven durable, reliable, and guaranteed to make power.

More than likely if you are making over 500 hp at the wheels with boost, the stock short-block is near the end of its natural life. And quite often a change to your engine combination may necessitate a change to your blower or turbo setup. Before you know it, you are in over your head and trying to piece together parts that will meet your ultimate power goal. If you are interested in turning your pump gas street car into one of the meanest machines on the road, take a gander at some combos from some of the best shops in the country.

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Exotic Performance Plus Supercharged 402-408 LS1/LS2
Block: LQ9/LS2, 402-408 cid
Compression: 9.5:1
Rotating Assembly: Compstar H-beam forged rods, Compstar forged crank, Diamond forged pistons
Heads: Air Flow Research 225cc
Cam: Custom hydraulic roller, 232/240 duration
Intake: LS2
Power Adder: EPP/ProCharger kit with D-1SC/F-1A (F-body, Corvette, CTS-V, GTO) and custom front-mount air-to-air intercooler
Fuel System: Nasty Performance
Horsepower: 700-750/800-900 (at the wheels)
Torque: 650-750/750-900 lb-ft

0907gmhtp_03_z Speed_inc Twin_turbo_ls1_engine_combo 4/14

Speed Inc Twin Turbo LS1
Block: LS1/LS2, 348 cid
Compression: 9.0 to 9.5:1
Rotating Assembly: Stock crank, Eagle forged H-beam rods, Diamond/Wiseco pistons
Heads: TFS 215cc or AFR 205cc
Cam: Custom hydraulic roller, 225/225 duration
Intake: LS6
Power Adder: Custom or APS Twin Turbo kit (F-body, Corvette, GTO)
Fuel System: Twin Walbro in-tank
Horsepower: 700 (at the wheels)
Torque: 750 lb-ft

0907gmhtp_04_z Golden_engine_service Ls1_lt1_engine_combo 5/14

Golen Engine Service Supercharged LT1
Block: LT1, 383 cid
Compression: 9.25:1
Rotating Assembly: Eagle forged crank, Eagle forged H-beam rods, SRP forged pistons
Heads: Golen CNC-ported LT1
Cam: Custom hydraulic roller, 214/224 duration
Intake: Golen CNC-ported LT1
Power Adder: ProCharger D-1SC (F-body, Corvette)
Fuel System: Aeromotive
Horsepower: 700 (at the crank)
Torque: 670 lb-ft

Golen Engine Service Supercharged LS1
Block: LQ9, 408 cid
Compression: 9:1
Rotating Assembly: Callies forged crank, Compstar forged H-beam rods, JE forged pistons
Heads: CNC-ported L92
Cam: Custom hydraulic roller, 230/236 duration
Intake: L76
Power Adder: ProCharger D-1SC (F-body, Corvette, GTO)
Fuel System: Aeromotive
Horsepower: 900 (at the crank)
Torque: 750 lb-ft

0907gmhtp_05_z Nevarez_racing Supercharged_ls2_engine_combo 6/14

Nevarez Racing Supercharged LS2
Block: LS2, 364 cid
Compression: 9.5:1
Rotating Assembly: Stock crank, Compstar forged rods, Mahle/Diamond forged pistons
Heads: NRP CNC-ported LS2
Cam: Custom hydraulic roller
Intake: LS2
Power Adder: ProCharger D-1SC Supercharger system (Corvette, F-Body, GTO)
Fuel System: NRP dual inline
Horsepower: 750 (at the wheels)
Torque: 700 lb-ft




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