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Freshen Up Your Stock C5 With A Couple Simple Bolt-Ons That Will Make Any LS1 Golden

She's seen some miles and now she has some crow's feet, gravity has done its damage, and she simply isn't the hottest thing around anymore. C5 ZO6s and C6s are strutting around with 50 or more horsepower under the hood. Thankfully, once again, the aftermarket is here to help.

Halltech's C5 Venom cold-air intake is the first step in the direction of easy, simple mods that will wake up your LS1 in a hurry. An ultra-low restriction filter, combined with a built-in velocity stack at the entrance of the filter flange, is an easy 20% gain in airflow, according to Halltech. Corvette owners give this intake excellent street cred for its performance, fit and finish, and its ease of install with no cutting or hacking to the factory shroud. Second on the list was a 304 stainless catback from Stainless Works, we chose the Turbo Muffler Axle-Back system for a tamer exhaust note. Last but certainly not least are Comp Cams' new Ultra-Gold 1.82 ratio roller rocker arms. These lightweight stud-mount aluminum rockers are extremely strong, and should provide adequate valve cover clearance while also granting our stock cam additional lift.

For the install, we would be returning to South Jersey shop East Coast Supercharging. The C5 and C6 Corvette experts are right near my old backwoods stomping grounds, in the piney region of the state that I have grown so fond. Therefore, I never miss a chance to stop by and enjoy a very painless and easy install, thanks to its meticulous and top-notch technicians. They helped us locate a test car, in the form of Bob Moran's '03 Vette, which until now was stock as a rock. We would be bolting it down to ECS's new Dynapack dyno for thorough evaluation of its new parts, and letting expert tuner Doug Ring tickle the keys on his laptop to produce a custom tune.


Comp Cams
Memphis, TN 38118
Stainless Works
Chargrin Falls, OH 44023
East Coast Supercharging
Cream Ridge, NJ 08514
Halltech Systems, LLC
Oconomowoc, WI 53066




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