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Redline's Cam-Only '09 C6 Makes Over 518 RWHP With WCCH CNC LS3 Heads

0904gmhtp_01_z Cylinder_head_being_machined Ls3_cylinder_heads_being_machined 2/28

It has been dubbed by many as a mini-LS7, and for good reason. Bone stock, our '09 C6 tester made a whopping 406 rwhp on Redline Motorsports' Dyno Dynamics rollers. With a big cam, Kooks 1 7/8-inch long tube headers, Borla exhaust, VaraRam cold air intake and custom tune, output jumped to 483 rwhp, not to mention well over 400 lb-ft of torque. We couldn't help but wonder what the LS3 would be capable of with a good set of CNC-ported stock heads. Thankfully West Coast Cylinder Heads was more than happy to comply with our wishes, as they have been running a well-planned CNC program on the identical L92 heads for over a year now. With these bad boys we were confident Redline tech Jon Bettini's C6 would hit 500 ponies. Follow along as GMHTP makes another trip up to Redline's pristine Schenectady, NY shop.




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