L92 Comp Cams VVT Cam Kit Install - Timing is Every Thing

Comp Cam's New VVT Cam Kit For L92s Nets Big Gains

Eventually this trickled down to GM's incorporation of this technology into the Gen IV 6.2L L92 Escalade motor for the 2007 model year. GM's design placed a cam phaser on the face of the cam, which takes the place of a fixed timing set that would either speed up or delay the cam timing (instead of being directly proportional to the crank) by utilizing oil pressure. The design was such that the phaser could easily be replaced by a fixed timing set like any other Gen IV, but in utilizing the phaser (via some modification,) COMP Cams has managed to harness the awesome potential of this technology with a line of camshaft kits that add lift and duration without causing piston-to-valve clearance issues. In a recent trip down to COMP's R&D facilities in Memphis, TN we were able to experience a taste of the awesome potential of these new VVT cams, seeing just how they faired on the SuperFlow 902 engine dyno using a stock L92 motor.




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