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Parts In The Tank
Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Systems

For some high-horsepower cars, a tank sump is the best way to meet fuel demands without significantly altering the vehicle, providing the advantage and flexibility of a custom, in-tank fuel system without building a custom tank. Aeromotive's new Stealth Fuel Systems are based on the company's baffled, weld-in sumps. The Stealth Fuel Systems feature the same sump design but are delivered with an inline, high-flow, billet fuel pump (either an A1000 or an Eliminator). A 100-micron stainless steel filter is preinstalled inside the sump box.In addition to the performance and cosmetic advantages, the systems are easy to service thanks to a cam lock-type cover that allows for filter service and cleaning without dropping or draining the tank. Stealth Fuel Systems are capable of supporting up to 2,300 hp naturally aspirated in carbureted applications and 1,900 hp fuel-injected. These systems are engineered to protect the pump and filter from external heat and debris and to minimize hot fuel handling issues while considerably reducing pump noise.

Price: $1,100/$1,300 & UP
Aeromotive Inc.
Lenexa, KS

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No Slosh Zone
LS1 Road Race Oil Pan Baffle

Improved Racing's LS1 Road Race Oil Pan Baffle is designed to improve oil control and reduce oil starvation during high-g maneuvers in vehicles utilizing the popular '98-'02 F-Body oil pan. According to Improved Racing, the lightweight aluminum baffle provides performance similar to the C6 LS2 Corvette oil pan after which it was modeled. Drain-back guides and holes maximize the amount of oil returning to the sump box, while sump box slots prevent oil from exiting too quickly under high g's. The LS1 Road Race Oil Pan Baffle is a direct bolt-in replacement for the stock steel baffle. Using the stock oil pan retains the structural support it provides to the engine. And if that's not enough, Improved Racing has a trap-door version in the works.

Price: $149
Improved Racing
Orlando, FL

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Get Wired
Accel Pro 25 Race Wire

ACCEL's new Pro 25 Race Wire offers RFI noise suppression of only 25 ohms per foot of resistance, along with a machine-wound, ferro-spiral core that allows maximum spark energy to reach the plugs. Its red wire jacket features a double silicone construction to better resist extreme heat (up to 600 degrees F), petrochemicals, and excessive moisture. The Pro 25 terminals use a combination of stainless steel and brass for superior electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, while Kevlar strands on the inner core provide greater pull strength and robust terminal retention. Pro 25 Race Wire is available in universal and custom-fit sets and with optional Pro-Sleeving for increased heat protection.Price: $100 & Up

Cleveland, OH




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