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Bassani Xhaust Headers & Rocket Racing Wheels - CHP Parts

Feb 1, 2009
0902chp_01_z Bassani_xhaust_headers_rocket_racing_wheels Front_subframe_for_camaros 2/4

Pro Touring Front Subframe For Second-Gen Camaros

Heidts Hot Rod & Muscle Car Parts continues to expand its product line with an eye toward handling prowess. Its latest creation is aimed squarely at those who want to transform their second-gen Camaro into a true corner carving machine with as little fuss as possible. Heidts' new Pro Touring front subframe for '70-81 Camaros is a complete bolt-on replacement for the factory setup. The subframe kit features Heidts' new Pro-G suspension package, which includes tubular control arms, power rack-and-pinion steering, 2-inch dropped spindles, rebound-adjustable Heidts billet coilover shocks, and 11-inch Wilwood disc brakes with black four-piston calipers. Upgrade options include larger brakes, stainless arms, and a swaybar, as well as a transmission crossmember, body mounts, brake lines and a factory column adapter kit. With the new subframe in place, all you have to do is reinstall your engine and sheetmetal, and you're ready to hit the road.

Price: $4,250
Heidts Hot Rod & Muscle Car Parts
Wauconda, IL

0902chp_02_z Bassani_xhaust_headers_rocket_racing_wheels Bassani_xhaust_headers 3/4

Piped Up
'68-72 a-body headers

Bassani has recently designed a thoroughly modern line of headers for '68-72 Chevelles. Both of Bassani's big-block headers feature 21/8-inch entries at the flange to prevent exhaust shrouding on most available cylinder heads. The ports on these headers are round, which allows them to be used on older, stock, cast-iron heads or D-port aftermarket heads. Bassani has also incorporated a premilled relief into the bottom of the flanges (except for the 572 versions) to clear the tall head studs used on modern GM crate engines with aluminum heads. Headers are available for small-blocks, big-blocks, and 572 big-blocks, and Bassani also offers 21/2- and 3-inch midpipes and exhaust systems that are direct bolt-ons to its headers.

Price: $1,080
Bassani Xhaust
Anaheim, CA

0902chp_03_z Bassani_xhaust_headers_rocket_racing_wheels Rocket_racing_wheels 4/4

Blast Off
Rocket Fuel Gray Five-Spoke Wheel

Rocket Performance Machine (RPM) has unveiled its new brand, Rocket Racing Wheels, and the first wheel in the RPM line is the Rocket Fuel Gray. These one-piece cast aluminum wheels are precision-crafted from A356 aluminum and are designed and tested to meet or exceed U.S. DOT requirements and SAE standards. The result is a strong, lightweight wheel that provides looks, performance, and strength at an affordable price. Ideal for stock muscle cars, g-machines, Corvettes, hot rods, street rods, and classic trucks, the Rocket Fuel Gray is available in 15- and 17-inch diameters with a variety of width and backspacing options.

Price: $180-$250
Rocket Performance Machine
Chattanooga, TN



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