Chevy Camaro Z28 BMR Adjustable Torque Arm Install - 1SC-YA

No Hop, A Shift-And A Low 12s Jump?

Rick Jensen Nov 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
0811gmhtp_01_z Chevy_camaro_z28_bmr_adjustable_torque_arm_install Camaro_on_dragstrip 2/25

Those of you who remember the 12.4 at 112 miles an hour that this LS1 F-body pulled out last time at E-Town might recall that there were some wheelhop problems on burnout and launch. With one call to BMR Fabrication, I acquired some seriously beefy parts to strengthen the suspension: an adjustable torque arm and BMR's new billet lower control arms.

Additionally, it appears that the road-course abuse I've heaped on the stock clutch hydraulics and aftermarket fluid has caught up to it: shifting has become noticeably notchy, and powershifting just isn't happening at the strip.

With time running short before delving into a big project with this ride, I turned to TT Performance Parts to install the BMR goodies, as well as diagnose and attempt to fix the hydraulics issue, in the hopes of having a solid dragstrip performance. Check out the captions to see how we did.




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