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Company History
"Jet started out 40 years ago as a racing carburetor shop," Dan says. "As we started to tune and find ways to make power, we moved into other areas of automotive performance. Today, this includes our carburetors, chips, programmers, transmission components, and various engine accessories. Our tuning expertise eventually led to working with EFI systems in the mid to late '80s, and that's when our company experienced its most dramatic period of growth. This allowed us to grow and develop new applications for a whole new market of vehicles. Over the years we have been extremely lucky to have worked with some of the brightest minds in our industry. We are extremely proud to manufacture all of our products in the USA."

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Performance Accessories
Although Jet is best known for its electronics expertise, the company also has a full line of performance accessories. "We manufacture everything from high-performance mass air-flow sensors to throttle-body spacers, to low-temp fan switches, to underdrive pulleys, to low-temp thermostats, to fuel pressure regulators, to speedometer calibration boxes," says Dan. "We also carry a lot of carb rebuild components. Currently, we're also developing a Q-jet that's compatible with E85."

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LS1 & LT1 Tuning Software
Late-model GM vehicles, particularly those equipped with LS-series motors, come with extremely advanced computers from the factory. Tuners are taking advantage of this, and Jet is no exception. "We offer software that allows tuning your own vehicle via your personal computer," Dan explains. "With it, you can access every part of an LS1 or LT1 computer for an unbelievable range of custom changes. We actually allow consumers to download the software free of charge off of our Web site, and try it out to see if it's something they can handle. It can't be used on the vehicle without our hardware, but they can see how the tables and different parameters work."

Trans Components
In addition to standalone trans computers and billet servos, Jet also manufactures high-performance torque converters and shift kits. "Our torque converters feature furnace-brazed fins, Kevlar clutches, a reinforced hub assembly, computer balancing, and stall-speeds that can be customized to any application," says Dan. Additionally, Jet's Power Shift controller allows for the selection of four transmission shifting firmness settings at the touch of a button in many computer-controlled vehicles. It plugs into the trans wiring harness, and increases line pressure on demand.

Unlike newer EFI systems whose computers can be reflashed over and over again, early computer-controlled vehicles required swapping out chips each time tuning calibrations needed to be changed. To lessen the hassle, Jet offers a nifty compromise called the Six-Pack, which is available for select '88-'95 GM vehicles. "The Six-Pack was basically the early version of our performance programmer," says Dan. "It allows you to select from one of six different chips at the touch of a button without having to manually remove and replace them. It has one chip set up for lower octane fuel, one for higher octane fuel and mild bolt-on mods, one for improved fuel economy, one with timing curves designed specifically to boost low-end torque, one with a valet mode that reduces engine power, and another with a security mode that shuts down the injectors."

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