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Staying Connected
Dse Quadra-Link Rear Suspension
Don't let the hopes of ever having your second-gen Camaro handle slide away. Detroit Speed & Engineering has now made it possible to have an exclusively designed rear suspension kit. DSE has intergraded its "swivel-link" technology into the kit, which will allow the suspension to fully articulate with a smooth, solid motion and no binding.

Precise and effective rear axle lateral location during hard cornering is provided by a Panhard bar. To eliminate Heim joints and/or squeaks, DSE has also utilized its tuned durometer rubber bushings. This entire kit comes complete with the aluminum body coilover adjustable shocks and springs. This Quadra-Link can also be ordered with a rear axlehousing or complete rear axle with differential and the brackets prewelded on the housing.

Price: $2,500
Detroit Speed and Engineering
Mooresville, NC

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Not A Chump
SBC Comp Thumpr Roller Camshaft

Comp's new line of Thumpr hydraulic cams has been specifically designed for those with late-model ('87 and newer) small-block Chevy engines. The Thumpr design will dramatically improve the exhaust sound of your engine while also increasing raw horsepower. Three unique design profiles are available. Choose the original Thumpr, the Mutha Thumpr, or even the Big Mutha Thumpr. These are simple drop-in cams for hydraulic roller engines with proper '87-or-newer timing chain systems.

Price: Starting at $312
Comp Cams
Memphis, TN

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Stack It
Powr-Flo Jet Carb Spacer

More air is always better. Case in point: Jet's Powr-Flo spacer, which is designed to increase the velocity of air flow to the manifold. More air with more velocity means a denser air charge, ultimately improving throttle response. Power gains are also made and overall fuel efficiency is improved as well. This setup is quick and painless-bolt-on simple power.

Price: $133
Jet Performance Products
Huntington Beach, CA




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