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Sep 1, 2008
0809gmhtp_01_z Gm_high_performance_parts Year_one_snow_flake_wheels 2/7

New Twist, Old Favorite
Add a retro touch to your third-gen or fourth-gen Firebird with the Year One Snowflake wheels. Based off the '70s-era 'Bird, these billet aluminum wheels offer the classic style of the original with a wide range of sizes and plenty of brake clearance-making them perfect for modern builds. Choose from 17-, 18- or 19-inch diameters with 8 to 12 inches in width. The CNC-machined wheels come with a brushed aluminum finish-gold powdercoat inserts are optional.

Year One, PO Box 521, Dept. GMHTP, Braselton, GA 30517; 800/Yearone;

0809gmhtp_02_z Gm_high_performance_parts Dynomax_y_pipes 3/7

"Y" Are You So Exhausted?
If you are looking for an economical way to gain horsepower and improve your exhaust flow, DynoMax has the solution. A 2.5-inch mandrel-bent, aluminized steel Y-pipe eliminates the factory piece, which is choked up by catalytic converters and a poor-flowing squared design. Where it lacks in emissions compliancy, the DynoMax Y-pipe makes up for it at the track. The Y-pipe accommodates factory O2 sensors, exhaust manifold flanges, and has clamps to mate to the cat-back. For '98 to '99 F-bodies select PN 88027, and for '00-'02 choose PN 88028.

DynoMax, Dept. GMHTP; 734/384-7806;

0809gmhtp_03_z Gm_high_performance_parts Ls3_crate_engine 4/7

Get Your Horses In A Row
The only thing better than big power is big power with a warranty, and GM Performance Parts has it with the new LS376/480 crate motor. By combining an LS3 with a GMPP Hot Cam (0.525/0.525-inch lift, 219/228 duration), output climbs from 430 to 480 hp, with a raunchy 475 lb-ft of torque to boot. The modest cam has great street manners and works with other standard LS3 features such as 10.7:1 compression, 6-bolt aluminum block, nodular crank, 1.7 rockers, and high-flowing rectangular port heads. The stock LS3 intake manifold, electronic throttle body, fuel rails, injectors, spark plugs, wires and ignition coils-even the exhaust manifolds-are also included for a complete package ready to drop right into your hot rod. And don't forget about the 24-month warranty!

GM Performance Parts;

0809gmhtp_04_z Gm_high_performance_parts Ams_oil_brake_fluid 5/7

Some Like It Hot
Freshen your brake system with AmsOil's new Series 500 high-performance DOT 3 brake fluid and Series 600 high-performance and racing DOT 4 fluid. The Series 600 is perfect for your open-track streetcar or full-on race car with a dry boiling point of 580 degrees F. If you've experienced noticeable brake fade on the track, or even on the highway, it's because the lower boiling point of your current fluid is causing it to vaporize, resulting in spongy pedal feel, to total fade, or no brakes at all. Scary thought isn't it? AmsOil uses the best zinc-based anti-corrosion additives and pH stabilizers for high-temperature and pressure stability.

Amsoil Inc, 925 Tower Ave. Dept. GMHTP, Superior, WI 54880; 715/392-7101;

0809gmhtp_05_z Gm_high_performance_parts Edelbrock_complete_suspension_kit 6/7

Gs For G-Bodies
Edelbrock is now not only your favorite name for horsepower, but suspension, too. Complete suspension kits (PN 5296) are available for G-bodies including Eibach lowering springs, Edelbrock Performer IAS shocks, and Upper and Lower Trailing Arms. The lower control arms use polyurethane bushings and greaseable fittings for reduced flex and a comfortable ride, and 1.25-inch tubular steel braces for more firm, solid support to the rear suspension. The upper control arms are adjustable to align the pinion angle using a steel-mounting bracket tied to a hard-anodized aluminum adjuster sleeve, meanwhile there is a spherical ball clevis on the other end. Suspension kits for 4th-gen F-bodies are also available.

Edelbrock, 2700 California Street, Dept. GMHTP, Torrance, CA 90503; 800/416-8628;

0809gmhtp_06_z Gm_high_performance_parts Katech_performance_ls_engine_connecting_rod_bolts 7/7

Down To The Nuts & Bolts
Katech Performance's extensive durability tests with LS engines have led to its latest upgrade: high-strength LS Engine Connecting Rod Bolts. These rod bolts are simple insurance against failure that could be catastrophic. They are compatible with LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, and LS7 engines thanks to the bolt head's shorter 14mm length. The H11 alloy steel bolts have a very high 240-ksi yield strength, and the highest J-rolled thread spec for greater clamping force and reliability at high rpm. A certified aerospace fastener manufacturer produces the 12-point bolts exclusively for Katech, which come with either CMD Extreme Pressure Lube (for steel rods) or Dow Molykote 1000 (for titanium).

Katech Performance, 24324 Sorrentino Court, Dept. GMHTP, Clinton Township, MI 48035; 866/KATECH-1;



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