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New Chevy Performance Parts

Aug 1, 2008
0808chp_01_z Chevy_muscle_car_performance_parts Xfi_electronic_fuel_injection_kit_parts 2/6

Truly Complete
XFI Electronic Fuel Injection
FAST is pushing the limit on fuel injection technology by making complete packages for the everyday shade-tree mechanic. In this industry, it's crucial to find parts and accessories that will all work well together under one hood.

It's hard to believe, but a fully bolt-on fuel injection kit has been built for the masses. It uses carefully matched components from FAST's own parts bin. It'll fit your small- or big-block, even for LS-series engines, and it incorporates everything anyone could possibly need to convert to fuel injection. FAST starts out with its Dual-Sync distributor, which allows for full sequential operation, improved idle quality, and more precise tuning compared to old bank-to-bank systems. Also, the company includes a single-plane manifold, a Big Mouth four-barrel throttle body, proper size Precision Flow fuel injectors, a fuel pump kit, all the necessary sensors, and a professional-quality wiring harness with labeled connectors. Most importantly, though, the company throws in its two-hour installation and tuning DVD for free.

Price: $3,700 & UP
Memphis, TN

0808chp_02_z Chevy_muscle_car_performance_parts Jet_chips_quadrajet_carburetor 3/6

Fuel It
Jet Chips 800-CFM Quadrajet
Jet Performance now offers up a performance-orientated 800-cfm Quadrajet for big-block engines sporting 396-plus cubic inches. Each comes complete with a choke, has been extensively reworked by increasing main well sizes, and is balanced to ensure high-rpm fuel flow. The fuel curve remains correct thanks to several circuit modifications and includes a 0.149 needle and seat. And if you already have a Quadrajet, Jet can rebuild your existing core.

Price: $500
Jet Performance Products
Huntington Beach, CA

0808chp_03_z Chevy_muscle_car_performance_parts Derale_transmission_cooler 4/6

Stacked Plate Coolers
Cooling can be a pain and a potential problem when space is limited. Derale now offers a 19-row engine and transmission cooler line of products, featuring 2-inch-wide turbulator plates, furnace brazed construction, and a four-point mounting option. Options include a choice of AN-6 or AN-10 male fitting connections (sold separately).

Price: Starting at $135
Derale Cooling Products
Los Angeles, CA

0808chp_04_z Chevy_muscle_car_performance_parts Chevy_ii_nova_steering_system 5/6

Rack 'Em
'62-67 Chevy II/Nova Steering System
Want to replace the OEM long shaft steering system yet still retain the original turning radius? Flaming River has a patented rack-and-pinion system that comes with a true jig-welded cradle and installs into the factory bolt holes for the steering box and idler arm assembly. A tilt stainless steel steering column also comes with the kit, including all mounting hardware, wiring connectors, and universal joints along with a Stage II pump and pulley with a remote billet power steering fluid reservoir.

Price: $1,470
Flaming River
Berea, OH

0808chp_05_z Chevy_muscle_car_performance_parts Carburetor_air_scoop 6/6

Air Fed
Carburetor Scoop
A blower is useless without air, and to make sure it gets every last gulp, The Blower Shop can supply you with its polished aluminum dual carb blower scoop kit for 4150-style Demon and Holley carburetors. Each scoop comes complete with pre-oiled washable filters and top plates, and includes 1/4-20 and 5/16-18 studs and flange nuts. CHP

Price: $326
The Blower Shop
Santa Clarita, CA



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