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Truly Complete
XFI Electronic Fuel Injection
FAST is pushing the limit on fuel injection technology by making complete packages for the everyday shade-tree mechanic. In this industry, it's crucial to find parts and accessories that will all work well together under one hood.

It's hard to believe, but a fully bolt-on fuel injection kit has been built for the masses. It uses carefully matched components from FAST's own parts bin. It'll fit your small- or big-block, even for LS-series engines, and it incorporates everything anyone could possibly need to convert to fuel injection. FAST starts out with its Dual-Sync distributor, which allows for full sequential operation, improved idle quality, and more precise tuning compared to old bank-to-bank systems. Also, the company includes a single-plane manifold, a Big Mouth four-barrel throttle body, proper size Precision Flow fuel injectors, a fuel pump kit, all the necessary sensors, and a professional-quality wiring harness with labeled connectors. Most importantly, though, the company throws in its two-hour installation and tuning DVD for free.

Price: $3,700 & UP
Memphis, TN

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Fuel It
Jet Chips 800-CFM Quadrajet
Jet Performance now offers up a performance-orientated 800-cfm Quadrajet for big-block engines sporting 396-plus cubic inches. Each comes complete with a choke, has been extensively reworked by increasing main well sizes, and is balanced to ensure high-rpm fuel flow. The fuel curve remains correct thanks to several circuit modifications and includes a 0.149 needle and seat. And if you already have a Quadrajet, Jet can rebuild your existing core.

Price: $500
Jet Performance Products
Huntington Beach, CA

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Stacked Plate Coolers
Cooling can be a pain and a potential problem when space is limited. Derale now offers a 19-row engine and transmission cooler line of products, featuring 2-inch-wide turbulator plates, furnace brazed construction, and a four-point mounting option. Options include a choice of AN-6 or AN-10 male fitting connections (sold separately).

Price: Starting at $135
Derale Cooling Products
Los Angeles, CA




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