FAST LSX Intake Manifold - Tested: Fast LSX

92mm Manifold And Big Mouth Throttle Body

Rick Jensen Jul 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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Anyone familiar with LS intakes knows that the FAST 90's reputation precedes it. Features like multi-piece polymer construction, port-friendly design, nitrous ports, and optional burst panels to avoid catastrophic damage due to a nitrous backfire, have endeared it to LS rodders and placed it at the top of the LS manifold heap.

While FAST has some interesting Gen IV intakes in the works, it also decided to take a hard look at the 90-as well as its 90mm throttle body-and listen to some customer feedback. Understanding that improvements can always be made, FAST created a revised, slightly bigger version called the LSX 92mm Manifold. A new throttle body was built as well, and a host of changes-along with a catchy name-resulted in the 92mm Big Mouth.

FAST was good enough to get GMHTP an early production intake and throttle body. My 2001 Z28 is still wearing the stock TB and LS6 manifold and is currently making 397.9 hp and 376.0 lb-ft at the wheels. The plan was to re-baseline the car that day, swap to the 92mm/Big Mouth setup, give it a tune, and hopefully channel a few more ponies to the Nittos.

I rolled down to TT Performance in Passaic Park, New Jersey, so those LS specialists could perform the swap. Matt and his crew were ready for the Z when I arrived-and they got to work.


Memphis, TN 38118
TT Performance Parts Inc.
Passaic, NJ 07055




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