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A Guide To Choosing Chevelle Rear Control Arms

Bob Mehlhoff Jun 11, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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Hotchkis Performance
The adjustable upper trailing arms feature double adjustable arms with left- and right-hand threads and Swivel-Max bushings to maximize pinion-angle adjustment and eliminate traction-robbing wheelhop for quicker, smoother launches. The lower trailing arms are constructed from high-quality rectangular steel tubing. Handling is improved through increased roll stiffness and swaybar effectiveness. The fabricated trailing arms are constructed of TIG-welded steel tubing and include greasable polyurethane bushings.

Type: Street/track
Bushing style: Fluted polyurethane
Greasable: Yes
Material: 111/42-inch steel
Thickness: 0.120 inch
Design: Square tube
Color: Black
Combined approximate weight: 20 pounds


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