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A Guide To Choosing Chevelle Rear Control Arms

Bob Mehlhoff Jun 11, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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Global West
Adjustable rear upper control arms are preassembled and supplied with new hardware. The frame side of the control arm utilizes a high misalignment Teflon lined bearing. The rearend side offers a reinforced clevis mount that accepts standard length bushings.

The lower control arm uses a unique spherical bearing at the frame side and a Del-a-lum bushing on the rearend side. The spherical bearing provides rearend articulation without bind, and the Del-a-lum bushing controls defection.

Application: '64-72
Cost: $370
Type: Street/track
Bushing style: Aircraft spherical bearings/Del-a-lum
Greasable: Yes
Material: 2-inch rollcage tubing
Thickness: 0.120 inch
Design: Round
Color: Black powdercoat
Combined approximate weight: 20 pounds


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