T56 Transmission Rebuild - Transmission: Not Impossible

Building the T56 to handle huge power

Tony Whatley Mar 1, 2007 0 Comment(s)

Step By Step

This is our abused transmission, removed from an LS1-powered F-body.

GMHTP follows along as Joe Huneycutt of T56Rebuilds.com turns a clapped-out T56 into a better-than-new gearbox.

Joe uses a custom workbench with a hole in it, so that the input shaft can slip through the table surface. In this photo, the tailshaft housing was removed.

Within the wide world of performance car enthusiasts, there exists an unwritten fraternity of brothers and sisters. This group takes pride in being in full control of a thoroughbred vehicle's mechanical aspects. We hot rodders have another nickname for this group; we call them "gear-bangers." A certain amount of street and track credibility is earned when a driver pilots his own car sans slushbox.

Sooner or later, these hard shifts and high-rpm clutch dumps take their toll on the internals of a transmission--and this is where Joe and Amber Huneycutt from T56Rebuilds.com step in. We got an opportunity to visit their shop located in Houston, Texas, and snapped some photos of the entire disassembly and rebuilding of a T56 six-speed transmission. Joe has earned a reputation as a talented builder, and is a graduate from the School of Automotive Machinists. Joe takes pride in practicing what he preaches, as you can find him grabbing gears across the country in his orange LS1-powered Camaro. His car is no slouch either, as he bangs out four gears in about 10 seconds flat down the quarter-mile.

Rebuilding a T56 is not a chore that most people would eagerly dive into. It takes a few special tools, and plenty of practice and patience. The pile of moving parts can be very confusing and intimidating to look at, but T56Rebuilds.com is here to help show us the ropes. If you find that you can't put Humpty Dumpty back together again, give Joe and Amber a call so they can get you back on the track.


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