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Inside a D.U.I. Ignition

Bob Mehlhoff Sep 18, 2006 0 Comment(s)

Advancements in cylinder heads, camshaft profiles, and exhaust and intake systems have provided a path to move a higher volume of air and fuel through the engine, improving the internal combustion process. Given the advancements in engine design, it's essential to have a powerful ignition system to ignite the compression stroke at the right moment for maximum power. One of the best ways to maximize ignition performance is with a good, high-energy ignition system that provides the optimal timing curve for the application.

We recently visited with the folks at Performance Distributors to learn what makes a well-designed Davis Unified Ignition (D.U.I.) high-energy distributor. We took a look at both the D.U.I. Street/Strip unit and the Chevy Tri-Power ignition unit that incorporates a smaller-diameter cap for extra firewall clearance. Besides the cool-looking products they offer with a variety of different-color caps, it's what's underneath that holds the science.




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