1965 Chevy Malibu - Signal Intentions Chp Step By Step

Rehabbing An Early Chevelle Steering Column

John Nelson Apr 27, 2007 0 Comment(s)

The turn-signal lever in John Harrigan's '65 Malibu SS had long ago stripped its screw and come loose,making him the only person in recent memory that we've seen using good old-fashioned hand signals. It was time to get those blinkers working again by replacing the turn-signal switch with a repop unit from Original Parts Group.

Turn-signal switches for '64-66 Chevelles with non-tilt steering columns come in two varieties. They're not inter-changeable, and the only way to find out which you need is to look before you order. We also discovered that the lower end of the Malibu's column was just as bad as the top end. The rag joint had been replaced, but the column adapter and bearing were literally falling apart around the steering shaft. The ruined bearing was replaced with a considerably more durable bronze bushing, but replacing the Malibu's thrashed column adapter meant getting a bone-yard replacement.

This is a low-effort, high-payoff job. In less than a day we restored the Mali's turn signals and tightened up its steering by replacing the column adapter and adapter bearing (along with the new bearings in the turn-signal switch). We also improved our firewall seal with a new column flange gasket and even improved the looks of the car by repainting the column components. It's a quick and easy process, and we're sure our man Harrigan will utilize far fewer hand signals, whether of the official or unofficial type. Follow along as we show you how it's done.

Shopping List
Turn Signal/Hazard Lamp Switch Assembly (Bpc)

Turn Signal/Hazard Lamp Switch Assembly (Guide)

Horn-Button Cap Retainer

Steering Column Sponge Seal

Used Column Adapter
$40 (Approximately-And Hard To Find)


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