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Taking The Mystery Out Of EFI Pumps

Bob Mehlhoff Jan 19, 2007 0 Comment(s)

10 Things Not To Do With An Efi Fuel System
We talked to Weldon Pump and got the lowdown on some of the more common mistakes builders make. Read it, learn it, and take advantage of the following tips:
1. Inadequate fuel tank (minimum 5 gallons for drag, 15 gallons for street/strip)
2. Improper fuel tank vent (or lack thereof)
3. Incorrectly sized feed and supply fuel lines
4. Excessive use of 90-degree fittings (cast-type or sharp-machined) on inlet or outlet of fuel pump
5. Too small a fuel filter (micron rating and dimensional size) on the inlet or outlet of fuel pump
6. Improper electrical grounds and connections-lack of an electrical relay to power the fuel pump
7. Bypass regulator in wrong location (or plumbed incorrectly)
8. Restrictive bypass (return) line
9. Incorrectly sized fuel injectors
10. Incorrectly sized fuel pump (bigger not always better)


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